How to Watch the Stanley Cup

How to Watch the Stanley Cup

It’s the biggest prize in hockey and the Stanley Cup series offers a thrilling finale to a long season. The best two teams in the National Hockey League have battled all the way to a set of seven games which will decide who finishes as champions.

Those matches take place between the two best teams, who will have progressed through the regular season and beyond the playoffs. Excitement is guaranteed and nobody wants to miss out.

A Must Watch

Anyone who loves their hockey won’t want to miss out on the Stanley Cup. It’s the time when greater interest is shown by the fans, the teams involved, and anyone associated with the sport.

The live TV broadcasters are completing their schedules, while advertisements are being booked by the big brands. The sports betting industry is also busy during the Stanley Cup series with hundreds of markets available across the seven matches. It’s an exciting time, but who will be lining up to contest the trophy in 2023?

The Teams in the Frame

Only two teams will contest the Stanley Cup finals series and they will be determined following a series of playoff matches. At the end of the regular season, the best 16 sides from the two Conferences will take part in the first round.

A series of knockouts, played over seven games, follow until two teams eventually meet in the final. As the 2023 playoffs began, the Stanley Cup odds showed the Boston Bruins as the favorites for the championship. Last year’s winners, Colorado Avalanche, are in second place before a gap opens up to the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Carolina Hurricanes.

The markets are compiled based on results and the respective strengths of the teams during the regular season. Irrespective of who makes it through to the Stanley Cup series, here’s how you can watch it.

Tuning In

While the Stanley Cup is a global phenomenon, the bulk of interest lies in the United States. Figures confirm that the playoffs series attracted an average of around 1.36 million viewers per game in 2022. For the finals series, those numbers climbed to over 3 million.

For the 2023 Playoffs and finals series, the Stanley Cup is available to view via ESPN. The League is in its second year of a seven year contract with their main broadcasters and this will be the most popular way to tune in.

Playoff games are also set to be covered by ABC throughout the months of April and May.

Those who do not possess a subscription with ESPN can still tune in thanks to a wide range of live streaming services. The games in the finals series should also be available via providers such as Turner, which means that viewers can watch via either the TNT or TBS app.

There are a host of viewing options available to ensure that every hockey fan can tune in.

Across the Border

NHL fans in Canada have plenty to keep them interested as the season comes to its conclusion. Of the 16 teams left in contention at the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs, three are from north of the border.

The good news is that supporters of the Edmonton Oilers, the Winnipeg Jets and the Toronto Maple Leafs have a number of viewing options throughout the series. NHL games in Canada at this late stage of the season are set to be broadcast live via the Sportsnet and CBC networks.

Dates for the Diary

The NHL playoffs began on April 17th and the initial sets of games will run all the way through April and May. First round ties are set to conclude with the seventh match between the Dallas Stars and the Minnesota Wild on April 30th.

The second round will follow at the start of May and the month will also see the Conference Finals played out. It all concludes with the Finals Series which is initially scheduled to commence on June 3rd.

Don’t Miss Out

The live TV broadcasters know that hockey fans are anxious to tune into every game of the Stanley Cup series. That’s why they’ve provided a number of ways in which viewers can tune in.

It’s not just about sitting around your TV at home. Many will enjoy the finals from the comfort of the sofa, but that’s not the only way to watch.

Many bars around the United States will have commercial subscription licenses in place, and they will be keen to entertain customers with live hockey. In terms of atmosphere, this is the next best thing for those who can’t get to a game.

It’s also possible to tune in via mobile for those who are on the move. Access to the live Stanley Cup games via specific apps is in place. There are plenty of options and, for those serious hockey fans, there’s no way they can miss out on the action.


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