Craigslist Alternatives – Best Classified Submission Sites 2023

Craigslist Alternatives – Best Classified Submission Sites 2020

Know here Craigslist Alternatives With the list of Best Classified Submission Sites for 2023

Craiglist is an American website, offering a platform to put up classified advertisements, where you can post your ad in the categories mentioned. It started with the dream of making it easier for people who want to put up their products and services – or actually, anything they want – on sale, but couldn’t do it in the newspapers and other platforms because of the prices. It led to the establishment of Craiglist in the year 1995, initially starting just as an email distribution list to friends. It then become a website in the year 1996, and then gaining ground by the year 2000. Currently, it covers around 70 countries and is perhaps the most reliable and authentic platform to post and check out classifieds.

It is absolutely free to use and free to post, with millions of users posting and dealing with classifieds on a daily basis. It is not at all illegal, however, there might be some less trustworthy classifies posted by some shady people. If you are still wary about using Craiglist, you can still, therefore, look for some alternatives, actually in places you wouldn’t even have thought of. If Craiglist makes you hesitant, one of the alternatives would make your wariness go away.

Websites functioning exactly like Craiglist

Craiglist is a unique site and therefore, there aren’t many alternatives to begin with. However, given below is a list of Craiglist alternatives, whipped up with great care and efforts. Read along to find out more –

Facebook Marketplace

If you want to know the best classified apps, you have to know that Facebook is actually a pretty good site as well as an app. Facebook marketplace can be used by anyone and everyone who uses the Facebook – it’s really that simple. While Craiglist works on anonymous format, on Facebook Marketplace, you can add a name and perhaps an image to your listing and just start selling, buying and interacting. There are additional options of categories, a perfect search bar with filtering options, to name a few. It is rapidly becoming the most-used site for classifieds and maybe can surpass Craiglist in a few years.


OfferUp feels and looks somewhat like LetGO, and is quite a helpful site and app, available on both the platforms, Android and iPhone. While there are a lot of features which you can avail with an account, you can, on this site, post free classified ads without registration. There is an option of rating, with the basic five-star system, which makes people understand the condition and quality of the product being sold. It is a handy feature, among others, and definitely not the one offer by other Craiglist alternatives.


Locanto is a beautiful site, intuitive and modernistic. There is an advanced search bar on the above, with categories places right down it. There is an option of posting free ads, exactly like Craiglist, along with little widgets telling you about new status updates and every item and product available in all of the categories. Quite a potential competitor for Craiglist, Locantoalso happens to be one of the best free classified submission sites list in India 2021.


LetGO is quite an innovative site, just like the site’s name. Very reliable, as actually compared to Craiglist, it is also available as an app. You download it, create an account and start selling or buying the available products – its just that easy. As for posing your product, take good pictures of it, set a price you are okay with and post it. You will have to wait – but not for long –to see a potential local buyer desiring to buy your product. LetGO is really intuitive and can give you much more features, at least while comparing other platforms in the list.


Mercari has a cool and beautiful user interface, everything placed in quite a neat and pretty manner. If you are looking for a platform where you can purchase and sell a variety of merchandise, then Mercari is the one for you. Here you can be sure to ignore the unnecessary extras and concentrate on the actions of buying and selling. There is a tiny problem of 10% selling fee, but since they have an excellent shipping system that only expands when you have wider people to reach. There are great options for discounted clothes, used techs and gadgets, among other products and services.


Recycler is quite a simple buy to-the-point site, where people can create ads for their products and give the prices they feel are appropriate. It works primarily in the United States and works even better once you drop the name of your city in the advanced search bar. There are categories and sub-categories, noted in a clear and succinct manner. There are also a number f trustworthy businesses that advertise their products on here as well. happens to be one of the biggest and most potential rivals of Craiglist. It is one of the proper free classified ads sites, with good user interface and an even better GUI. Once you select your country at the start of the page, you will be directed to the ads from nearby your countries. There are filers which can segregate and remove all the scammer profiles as well as it provides advertisements free of cost.It, therefore, happens to be one of the best options when it comes to security and budget.

eBay Classifieds

eBay Classifieds is a trusted site, thanks to its parent platform, which the whole of the world trusts. Since eBay is all about buying and selling, it makes sense that eBay has a side-site of classifieds. The site has an option in the main site and gives a comprehensive guide on how to upload your products and services to sell.It has policies of consumer to consumer buying and selling product, which makes it a whole lot easier to use and handle. Customers are allowed to place bids on any of the products they want online and can haggle with the price.


Oodle is a beautiful site where you can find used stuff, from cars to furniture. It has a world-wide reach and can help you see free classifieds as quickly as possible. The user interface is quite simple and clear, where the first-time user can get down with it in one go. It automatically detects your location and show the nearby place that Oodle supports. Handy and reliable, Oodle can help you with everything, such as cars, motorcycles to even dogs and cats!


Hoobly is one of those sites which are no nonsense site; there are no fancy greetings or other unrelated stuff. You open the site and a basic and simple page with categories listed comes up. There is a search bar at the top where you can search for the specific stuff that you want. You will have to sign in, however, to post your ad; there is no option of posting classifieds without registering. Nevertheless, Hoobly it is one of the nicest sites for classifieds, and a proper alternative for Craiglist.

These are some of the best, seemingly efficient alternatives for Craiglist, even though Craiglist was, is and will remain a classic site for classified ads.

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