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Paige Wyatt Everything You Need to Know About Paige Wyatt

You all must know about Paige Wyatt who is a famous TV actress. She was born on 30th October 1994. She started her career as a model. She also earned good fame and reputation by doing modeling shows. However, soon after this, she started acting in an American reality show named American Guns. Let us try to know her in a better manner through this small discussion. It will be a great scope to know her closely.

Early Life Of Paige Wyatt

The birthplace of Paige Wyatt is Colorado. She was born from the first relationship with her mother Renee Wyatt. Renee also had a son from the first relation and his name is Kurt. So, it must be clear that Paige Wyatt grew up along with her stepfather and stepbrothers. His stepfather had a shop in Colorado that was named Gunsmoke Guns.

The shop was the main theme of the American reality show that is named as American Guns which is based on the Wyatt family. Rich Wyatt was the CEO of the store while her mother Renee was the business manager. Her stepbrother Kurt trained himself as a gun instructor so that he could enter the family business.

It will be great to know that Paige Wyatt also helped her father in the store. The store gradually gained popularity among the people. Within a short passage of time, it became a famous one. The gun store entered into controversy and the license was canceled. All this happened in April 2012. However, the store carried out the work illegally.

The process of doing the business was different. The Wyatt family used to book the sales at Gunsmoke and then request the customers to write the cheque in the name of another store. As a result, the Wyatt family was convicted for tax evasion and they were punished. They were given six years imprisonment.

Career Of Paige Wyatt

The reality show of the Wyatt family was shown on Discovery channel. Paige Wyatt played an important role in this show.  The store was selected as one of the destinations for this show. All these were handled by Paige Wyatt in a great way. She also appeared several times in this episode. Each time she came with a beautiful look and this impressed the viewers to a great extent. People started enjoying the show to a great extent. It gathered millions of viewers within a short period.

Personal life of Paige Wyatt including dating and her marriage

She has appeared several times in the media and has made many shows. However, the earlier one was the best. She is continuing as a successful model. She has performed and is still performing in several shows and channels. However, she started dating Pete Hargis for a long time. Pete Hargis is the owner of A27 Sports Training. He met Paige Wyatt at a nightclub in Vegas. Soon their friendship entered into a deep relationship. He officially proposed to Paige in Vancouver and she accepted the soon on the spot.

However, they have still not announced their date of marriage but it will be announced soon. The fans and followers of Paige Wyatt are eagerly waiting for the day. They have only announced their engagement through social media posts.  They have also put the picture in the post. The ring was beautiful and elegant. It was perfectly matched and ideal for the bride.

Paige Wyatt is also fond of animals. She has a pet dog which is named Malibu. It is also known from other officials that Paige is very close to his stepfather. She is continuously in touch with her father. She is continuing with her studies and modeling career. She is just doing well in both of these.

The net worth of Paige Wyatt

The net worth of Paige Wyatt is estimated to be about $10 million. It is lucky to have such wealth within this age. However, it is hoped that within a few years, she will reach her dream destination. She can become one of the richest women in the whole world. Her clothing line is Hughwear and she always tries to wear it. She is also particular about her earrings. This is a very important part of her life. Rather she is specific about her clothing and makeup items.

It is also known from various sources that soon her wealth increased within a short passage of time. Paige Wyatt has a height of 5 inches and 7 feet. She weighs about 52 kg. She always tries to maintain her weight. In this case, she always tries to maintain the diet. He has a particular diet chart which she tries to maintain. She is a gorgeous lady and has an amazing look. Her hair is blonde and tries to maintain it from time to time. This is a great thing.

Social Media Profile of Paige Wyatt

She is very active on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other places. You can stay in touch with her through these platforms.  It is found that she has about 15,000 followers in all the social media areas. On Instagram, she has about 5, 000 followers. All this proves that she has a long list of fan followers which is very interesting and exciting at the same time. If you stay in touch with her profile you can catch all the recent pictures. This can help you to stay updated from time to time.

If you are eager to know about her you can also visit their social media profiles to see her latest pictures on engagement. They are so nice that you will get attracted to it. You can also view the latest videos and modeling shows on these platforms. That will be a great way to gather information about her.

So, Paige Wyatt is such a personality who can be a great inspiration for followers. In such a small age she has earned and gained a lot. She is a perfect lady with beauty and brains. She always tries to balance between her family and business life.


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