Know here how much 28.8 acres of land Cost

Know here how much 28.8 acres of land Cost

Do you know how much 28.8 acres of land Costs in your nation or state? If you’re considering buying land, knowing these issues is essential. This is because if you are unaware of the current prices, vendors may trick you and charge you more. Therefore, even if you search for this information on your own, it is advised that you learn more.

As a result, we are presenting you with this article, which will answer your query about how much 28.8 acres of land cost in this part of the United States, as well as explain the factors that go into calculating it.

How to measure an Acre?

A continuous area of land with a constant size of 660 feet is known as an acre. 4840 square yards make up an acre of land. It is roughly 4,047 square meters when converted to meters. A football field can be used as a simple unit of measurement to represent one acre of land.

Factors deciding the price of the land

Before responding to the question, of how much 28.8 acres of land Cost, we want to explain the factors that influence this amount.

  • Geography and climate: The location of the land is most important. The first two factors taken into account are the climate and the makeup of the lands. Following that, topographical research and sewer pipes enter the picture. Another factor to consider is the land’s ability to support construction.
  • Legal Evaluation: Researching the history of the land is crucial before measuring it. A clean chit is required for land that can be sold and resold. There must be any outstanding debts associated with it. Before being sold, the land must be registered and approved by the government.
  • Dimension of the Land: The actual characteristics of the land are also crucial. Moreover, the land’s price should be fixed. The terrain may be level or undulating. The price varies depending on the size and shape of the land.
  • Accessibility: The most crucial factor is the placement of the land. Due to greater demands, the price will increase if the land is located within a township. Yet, land outside of the central city will be far less expensive. The proximity to emergency services constantly impacts the cost of the land. The most expensive property in every nation is land with a transportation facility.

How much does 28.8 acres of land Cost

According to the USDA, the average price of farmland in the United States is $3,160 per acre, but once you look at land near populated urban areas, that price quickly increases. Therefore, understanding the worth of an acre is crucial, particularly if you intend to purchase a house and would require a mortgage.

How much would an acre of land cost you, then? While the price varies widely by area, there is no simple solution. However, the average price per acre is $3,160, so keep that in mind if you have your mind made up on a rural area that is perfect for farming. For this reason, the simple answer for how much 28.8 acres of land Cost would be $91008.

Whether in the city center or the suburbs, you will have to fork over much more money if you want to settle down in a well-known metro area. For instance, you might anticipate paying about $5.2 million per acre in the New York, NY metro area. But, instead, prepare to pay a cool $2.6 million in the Los Angeles-Long Beach, California, metro area. On the other hand, Connecticut is relatively cheap, with an acre of land in the Stamford-Norwalk, CT metro area costing, on average, $1.5 million.

When considering geography, observing how much these rates change is simple. For example, a single acre in Brooklyn’s Kings County, New York, costs $23 million. On the other hand, land in rural or suburban regions typically costs less than land closer to important population centers. In general, coastal land is more expensive than inland land.

How do you find land to buy?

It can be unsafe to look for land to buy in a residential area instead of purchasing an existing house. You’re less likely to see a for-sale banner and an open house when looking for vacant land. Of course, you can always use rental property listing websites to look for land. Still, you might get better deals if you work with a local real estate agent specializing in land deals or let people know you’re interested in buying some land in the neighborhood you have your eye on.

Please spread the word about your desire to purchase land among the locals; frequently, they may help you find a terrific offer. Of course, the best approach to learning more about the area and any special zoning issues you need to be aware of is to consult with a real estate broker, so you should continue to do so. Then, when the time comes to submit an offer and settle on a plot of land, they’ll also get you organized.

Finding the owner in the local tax records and asking whether they are willing to sell is worthwhile if you do manage to come across a plot of the property while exploring the area you are keen to buy, which appears to be vacant.


Now that you know how much 28.8 acres of land Cost, you can have a lot of work ahead of you even before you purchase a plot of land. When purchasing land, it may take many years to get everything in order, and you’ll have even more work to do after that. You’ll have your share of issues between obtaining permits, establishing utilities, conducting surveys, obtaining finance, and building. Ensure that you are prepared to fulfill that obligation.

Your preferred location is just one of many variables that will affect how much an acre of property costs to purchase. The trick is to do your research to ensure you’re receiving value for your money.


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