3 Types of Gadget Accessory Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Loved Ones

If you’ve been on a hunt to find a watch that does much more than tell the time and have found your ways to Apple’s iWatch, and you’re now on the lookout for the perfect strap to accessorize your wrist with – look no further! For iWatch, that enables messaging and calling, has access to Siri (Apple’s personal assistance), and can be used as a fitness tracker among all else. 

If you are looking forward to gifting the most important men in your lives with a little something special that could make their daily lives a little more easier to handle, while still being playful and thoughtful – get iWatch bands. Not just any iWatch band will do. Find the perfect kind depending on their use in the day to day life. These iWatch bands can be gifted to any Apple watch user – it could be your brother, father, son, or even your spouse, this Valentine’s Day. Let’s not leave out your best buds. They’ll be happy to receive this gift from you. 

Gifting according to usage


If the person in mind is somebody who is a white-collar worker, working professionally in the position of a managerial task, an administrative person – they’d definitely prefer something that looks far high-quality and rich looking than most other iWatch bands. Being taken seriously at a task is a quality that they all crave. For such an individual, go for expensive looking designs. Design along the lines of a modern interpretation of Milan in the far end of the 19th century, with woven technique, would be ideal. Go for a metallic finish material such as stainless steel mesh wraps, and has an added feature of being fully magnetic. Design along the lines of the rose gold Milanese loop with 44mm, or just any apple watch Milanese loop with adjustable straps that can fit any which way works best. Your white-collared friend will surely enjoy this luxurious looking watch band. 


n the other hand, if you are looking for a valentine’s Day gift to gift those special make figures in your life with a rough use iWatch bands, go for sports iWatch straps. Preferably use ones that are made from custom high-performance fluoroelastomer material. These can be used roughly and will not break. This material used to make these iWatch straps are durable, strong, and yet very smooth to the touch, ensuring comfort on the wrists. Also, make sure that the bands that you purchase have a pin-and-tuck closure. Having this type of finish and closing will not only make it look elegant but also clean on the wrist. Ideally, these types of iWatch bands are used by those with a sports background, who are active on the day to day basis, and even college-goers. Sportsmen, athletes, and those with rigorous workout sessions should definitely buy these kinds of iWatch straps. Make use of these iWatch straps for your college-going brother, friend, or even your significant other. They will appreciate the thought more than anything else. 


Now, if you are looking for regular fit iWatch bands that aren’t too luxurious looking or even sports-based, go for everyday wear straps. The classic fit leather buckle watch bands are ideal for use daily. They don’t look too rough or extremely delicate, like the luxurious ones. Purchase those with a traditional design made from calf leather that tends to age with time and looks more patina. The perfect kind that men adore and wish to adorn are iWatch bands that have a two-tone look. The grainy leather exterior matched with a stark light thread work on the sides, giving a contrasting theatrical traditional design to the entire look. The aged leather look is perfect for older men like father and fathers in law. If you gift your father with this iWatch band, he will truly appreciate this gesture. You could also gift these regular fit, traditional leather iWatch bands to your spouses if they like the rugged look of leather. 

A great gifting idea for newlywed couples on valentine’s day is to get a couple of iWatch bands. According to the personality of the couple and based on the kind of lifestyle, each one possesses – choose the right combination of iWatch bands. It could be the rose gold Milanese loop in 44mm for the bride and high-performance pin and tuck rough usage iWatch bands for the groom. 

These are the three types of iWatch bands that you, as a daughter, wife, or mother, can gift the males in your life to express your love this valentine’s day. Make sure to purchase them according to the usage type preferred. Why stick to just buying one? Buy one for each member of your family. Or, if you know someone who leads both an active lifestyle and also likes luxurious looking iWatch, then buy them all three kinds.


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