3 Ways How Projector Screens Make Business Presentation Easy

3 Ways How Projector Screens Make Business Presentation Easy

We live in a tech-savvy world. From home to offices, technology has become an integral part of our everyday activities. So, when it comes to giving a business presentation, make sure that you make the best use of the advanced projectors and portable projection screens out there in the market. If you are still indecisive of whether to go for whiteboard or portable projector, screen we give you reasons to choose the latter. Read on.

1.More Interactive

Projector screen helps in making your presentation more engaging and effective. Participants find it easy to use and follow, which means you have more chances of being persuasive. If the presentation has lots of data, charts, and graphs, the visuals enable the fellow attendees in reading and taking notes without any problem. As a result, the whole presentation becomes more interactive.

2.Less Expensive

Using a projector screen eliminates the need of taking dozens of printouts and handouts for participants. This way, you will save paper, ink as well as the mother nature. Moreover, the audience doesn’t have to keep up with your pace and turn every page. Whatever you are explaining is there on the screen.

3.Commands Attention

Anything that has visual elements tends to engage the audience, and the same goes for presentation. It is true that attendees might get bored or distracted easily if just one person is standing at the center talking for a long time and sharing a lot of information. Projector screen enables the presenter to add charts, numbers, audio, videos, and images, which make information retaining easier for the audience. This way, everyone will be more attentive during the presentation.


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Choosing the Right Projector Screen


Ceiling height is the first dimension to determine the width and height of the screen. The rule of thumb is that the projector screen should be a minimum of 36 inches off the floor and at least 24 inches from the ceiling. Use a screen size calculator to find out the ideal size of the screen. Factors such as image format, dimensions of the room, viewing distance, and viewing angles should also be considered when determining the size.


The projection screens mostly used in offices are either fixed or retractable. The screen should have perfect tension. If you are looking for a retractable screen, look for the one that has a tensioned or tab tensioned screen, so that the projection surface is stabled and taut, when the screen is lowered. Also, when buying a retractable screen, decide if you want the one that can be lowered by a remote or manually. Besides these two categories, you can also go for portable projection screens for the ease-of-use they offer.

Final Words

Corporate events, business meetings, and speaker sessions mostly rely on projection screens to deliver presentations more effectively. When choosing the best portable projection screen, make sure that you pay attention to the colour, gain, and type of fabric used in making the screen. Though there are several manufacturers offering a myriad of options, zero in on the one who has a credible reputation in the industry.


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