5 Major Fairs and Festivals in India in January

India is a country of dynamic culture and every Indian celebrates many festivals with great excitement and power and the celebrations and the month of January marks the commencement of the festive seasons in India. In India, all fairs and festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and there is no caste discrimination regarding festival.

Here are some festivals which are celebrated in the month of January.

1. Republic Day

Republic Day is the on which the constitution of India came into effect on January 1950 replacing the Government India Act at 1935 as the governing of India. Republic Day is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm all over the country and the most important thing that a grand parade is held in the capital New Delhi from Raisin hill near the Rashtrapati Bhawan, along the past India Gate and on the historic Red Fort, thousands of people visit to watch the Parade and Prime Minister of India hoist the flag of India.

The event begins with the prime minister of India laying wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gat, Commemorating all the Soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country. In last i conclude that republic day is one the best fair. If you want to take the luxury ride like Palace on Wheels train which offers world-class amenities onboard the train.

2. Losar

Losar is one of the largest festivals of Buddhists. This festival is a 3 days festival which is celebrated with great excitement. Losar word is made up two words ‘Lo’ means year and ‘Sar’ meaning new. On this day people visit their friends and participate in traditional mask dance. They even exchange their greetings and wish one another ‘tashidelek’ which means good luck. This festival is celebrated in the month of January or February according to their calendar. People start preparation along with proper rehearsals for the performances during the festivities are started earnestly and people start cleaning their houses and discarding unused and old materials.

3. Pongal

Pongal is a four day harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, India. This festival is celebrated on mid of January. This festival is mainly for Tamils but now Pongal become one of the most popular and important Hindu festival of the year. Now we will tell you about four days of this festival. The first day is celebrated as Bhogi festival in honor of Lord Indra, the second day of pongal the Puja or act of ceremonial worship is performed, the third day is known as Mattu Pongal this day is for cows. Multi colour beads, tinkling bells, sheaves of corn and flowers garland are tied around the neck of the cattle and they are worshiped, the fourth day is known as Knau or Kannumpongal day. On this day, a turmeric leaf is washed and then placed on ground, fourth days gives happy ending to the festival.

4. Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav is celebrated in Gujarat and this festival is also known as Kutch Mahotsav. This festival is one the most popular festival of India and mostly Gujarat is celebrating this festival.

This festival is celebrated during the month from 1stNovember to 20th February every year. The Ran Utsav shows the regions of culture and heritage although it becomes overcrowded place. The shocking point about this festival that foreigners also take part in this festival, every year thousands of Indians and foreigners came in Kutch to celebrate this festival. Tourist stays in camp overnight and enjoys the cultural, adventure activities. The best time to visit in this festival in the month of January.

5. Guru Gobind Singh Birthday

The birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh is celebrated on 5th January. He was a spiritual master of the followers Sikhism as well as a poet and philosopher. Mostly Punjabi’s celebrate this festival. This day is celebrated all over the India. People usually pray for the prosperity and well being of fellow people. Guru Gobind is best known for rising against the Mughal rulers. Before his passing, Guru asked Sikhs to consider Guru Granth as the primary text. Punjabi’s celebrate the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh with great enthusiasm and visit Gurudwara.


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