6 Ways to Combine Fitness and Fun as You Exercise

6 Ways to Combine Fitness and Fun as You Exercise

Some people find exercising a time-consuming, boring and laziness-attracting thing to do. You might be one of those people who are not enticed with the idea of exercising. It is very essential however because it’s part of developing an overall good health.

If you find little or no motivation to exercise, you might need to make exercising more fun, and these 6 ways might help you achieve that!


Exercising while making up your own routines with the thought of “Am I actually doing this right?” doesn’t make the experience feel right, convincing and fulfilling. There are lots of fitness video guides online that will be of great help to you. Search according to the purpose you want to get fit. For example, you can search for abdomen exercises or for leg strengthening routines. Some videos are actually made as guides. There are experts and trainers giving brief fitness tips while they instruct the routines.

You will also find it fun because you won’t feel all alone. It’s fun to follow such demonstrations because you are led with the proper routines and steps of them. Another fun thing about it is that you can pause the video for a while if there’s something important and urgent that needs brief attention, or you can just go with the intense flow while the routines are getting more vigorous. Complete fitness video guides contain instructions from warming up to cooling down. You’ll be rest assured that you’re doing something right and getting somewhere good.


To have an even livelier and less laziness-inducing exercise, you might want to reach out to your closest friends to know if they’d want to workout with you. A “yes” would be really good to get! You can also just knock on your neighbor next door, or pull your siblings out of their beds, the easiest ones to reach.

Exercising with people dear to you won’t be plain exercise but also a form of bonding and catching up too. That would be so much fun, especially if you and your friends have just seen each other again after a long time of being apart. It would be a delightful reunion idea to get off the never-ending plans of eating out in a restaurant or of planning a party. Also, if you don’t have a lot of time with your family, exercising could be one of the unique ways to spend early morning weekends with them. This is a perfect time for fitness, friends and family!


Music splashes out various colors to a black-and-white scene. More does your favorite music on a lazy, “work-out-day” Saturday morning! Use lively and exciting music upbeat music appropriate for your exercise routines. It’d be indubitably helpful to play your favorite playlists, so you’ll forget that “exercise” is something you don’t like that much.

Doing this isn’t like getting up for your alarm clock. Here, you’re waking up your body and senses for the second time. Use music that’ll get you up, keep you moving and grooving, sweating and enjoying fitness while you’re having fun. It wouldn’t feel like a healthy “obligation” at all.


This one depends on you. Try raising the volume of your music. Consider your neighbors and the people sleeping at the time even when you do so. This will heighten even more your excitement and drive, especially if you’ve picked the best danceable jam of yours. It’ll make you feel more like you’re in a fitness class or in a legit exercise studio even when you’re just at home or in an uncrowded open space.


Exercising and getting all the fitness you need are not limited to getting on the spin bike or doing lunges and many other workout ways. You can also turn to fun physical games and activities that will show your competitiveness, activeness and sweat! You can engage in sports like basketball, soccer, table tennis and more! They are physically demanding and exercising in many ways! You can also play games with your friends.

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to having fun and getting fit! It doesn’t matter if games like frisbees, catch, dodgeball and others seem just for kids! There’s no age limit! They can be for anyone, as fitness and fun also are!


Lastly, exercising isn’t always about planning it all out and getting all dressed up. You can also exercise just by taking a long walk from your house to the nearest park. You can go up to the fifth floor using the stairs instead of the elevator if you’re not in a hurry. Walking is the most basic way to sweat off, so it could be one of the several alternatives to intense physical ways to workout.


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