7 Best Reasons to Buy Custom Canvas Tote Bags for Brand Promotion

The trend is now of reusable shopping bags, and custom canvas tote bags are the first choice for advertisers than any other type out there. Canvas tends to enjoy a lot of appeal when it comes to a custom bag material. Most likely the next eye-catchy shopping bag you come across is made of canvas. The reason behind the favoritisms is the fabric of choice for multiple good reasons.

In this post, we will discuss the seven best reasons you should also consider custom printed canvas tote bags for promotional use. Let’s get started:

1) Offers Perfect Strength-to-weight Ratio.

Shopping bags have to be strong enough to hold heavy groceries.  However, they need to be lightweight too. Canvas is manufactured using what is known as plain weave.  This particular knitting technique produces a fabric that is notoriously strong and provides as much strength as much heavier materials.  So go ahead, pack your custom canvas bag full of canned food. It can handle them.

2) Durable in Nature.

Canvas is generally made of cotton which is considered to be durable fabric.  The plain weave that increases the sturdiness of canvas additionally makes it durable.  Canvas tote bags can last for a number of years or even decades, without much tear/wear. This property of canvas makes it the ideal fabric for shopping and similar uses. You don’t have to spend more on buying multiple tote bags, as your customers will love these durable bags for carrying their necessary stuff. Also, chances are they will think of your brand whenever shopping things in that bag.

3) Easily Washable.

You don’t need to bother about keeping your canvas bags intact!  Just toss them up in the washing machine like your regular laundry without damaging the fabric.  Consider this even more if you meant to offer these bags for grocery shopping. Stains, food leaks, etc are easily washed out in the canvas. Also, it eliminates the transfer of bacteria while the bag is reused on the next shopping spree.

4) Perfect for Imprinting.

Canvas is the perfect choice when it comes to imprinting given its high receptiveness to ink transfer.  Canvas can absorb color easily, and ink sets well without bleeding or fainting. Once done, the ink doesn’t fade away soon or splits into flakes or rubs off. It even stays as it is during the wash.  Custom canvas tote bags are hence so high in demand for their imprinting capabilities with a logo.

5) Natural.

As we mentioned above, canvas bags are made of cotton, which is a natural fiber that comes from the cotton plant, canvas bags are hypoallergenic in nature. Also, they are pretty easy to produce even in bulk. You can put different stuff in these multifunctional bags without worrying over chemical reactions.

6) Environmental-Friendly.

Again given canvas is obtained from cotton,  which is a is a renewable resource – canvas bags become an eco-friendly decision for green brands.  Cotton is processed with the least environmental impact, making it more profitable for business purposes. Also, it is recyclable!

7) Affordable.

Talking about the cost-effectiveness, the canvas is an economical fabric for production. As a result, it is pretty affordable from small to mid-scale businesses, advertisers, etc who are looking for pocket-friendly options. Even custom canvas tote bags do not cost more when bought in bulk from reliable sellers.

So these are some favorable points of considering canvas as the choice of your tote bags for promotional purposes. Apart from advertising benefits. Canvas tote bags are reusable, making them the more eco-friendly and reasonable options of bags for both commercials as well as individual use.


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