8 Activities You Must Try While Traveling to Delhi

8 Activities You Must Try While Travelling to Delhi

Delhi, the core heart of the nation is viewed as the capital city of India. The city is known for its improved culture and legacy. It has some celebrated landmarks and is creating many others with the progression of time. Luckily, Delhi is arranged at a point from where all the Northern tourist places are close enough.

The capital city is partitioned into two areas known as PuraniDilli or Old Delhi and NayiDilli or New Delhi. Old Delhi is famous for its antiquated culture and landmarks, and New Delhi is famous for its advanced culture and infrastructure.

So, these are some activities you should try during your trip to Delhi.

Visit QutubMinar

The QutubMinar is a   high tower worked by Qutub-ud-Din Aibak in 1193. The tower was constructed to observe the dominance of Muslim in Delhi after the last Hindu ruler. It is considered as the highest tower in Asia, complete with five storeys and anticipating galleries. There are various design styles from the reign of Aibak to Tuglak that are presented in the QutubMinar.

Aside from the tower, the QutubMinar is a complex that has:

  • The Quwwat-us-Islam Mosque
  • A 7-meter high iron column
  • The tomb of Iltutmish
  • Ala’i-Darwaza
  • The Ala’IMinar


Regardless of whether you are searching from hardware, garments, shoes, handcrafted products or pots, in Delhi, you can discover them all in the streets. While shopping at shopping centers is agreeable, and you get brilliant items, but the best experience of buying in this city is at its road markets or bazaars.

Most famous market to shop in Delhi can be Delhi Haat, Sarojini Nagar Market, Khan Market, MajnuKaTilla and many more.

Have Street Food

Delhi isn’t only the political capital of the nation but the food capital as well. There are varieties of food items available here to give you the best taste of street food in Delhi. You can get along with tourists and have a fine dine at some of the best street foods places in Delhi.

Honour India Gate

India Gate has a height of 42 meters and stands as one of the most attractive points of New Delhi. This place recognizes the 70,000 Indian officers who lost their lives battling for the British Army during World War I.

At the time of dusk, India Gate is decorate with the water fountains making a beautiful showcase with colorful lights. The vast area of lavish green yards around it is a well-known picnic spot. You can find couples enjoying a peaceful walk in the evening along with families enjoying nearby. India Gate is a place that deserves to be in your travel photographs if you are planning a trip to Delhi.

Explore Old Delhi

PuraniDilli (old Delhi) is all about the affection for history and energy to investigate the city.  Here, you can get bona fide Mughlai dishes, and other best street food items absorbed up with the climate of ageless old Delhi.


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Visit Indian Culture and the Mughal Architectures

Indian legacy has an exceptional spot for Mughal engineering in India. Delhi has various places where you get to see some of the outstanding works of Mughal architecture. This city has numerous castles, mosques, and tombs that show the brilliance of the construction of that era. You should visit these places to realize the beauty Delhi has. If you are planning to visit Delhi to explore these fantastic ancient architectures, then book your tickets from reputed online platforms like EaseMyTrip. Moreover, you can get the best price for your bookings by using EaseMyTrip offers.

Glance Over President’s House (RashtrapatiBhavan)

RashtrapatiBhavan, which used to be the ‘Emissary’s House’ before freedom, is presently home to the nation’s President. This 130-hectare home additionally contains Mughal Gardens alongside living arrangement staff and many different workplaces.

Following the ongoing opening of RashtrapatiBhavan for the open visit, you can now have a look at the insides of this place. The legislature has likewise made a website for booking, making it easy for you to plan a visit.

Admire Nature’s Beauty

Delhi is famous for its lavish green and manicure gardens all through the world. These beautiful nurseries offer the guests with stunning pleasant perspectives and highlight engineering. The greenhouses of Delhi are as extraordinary as the historical backdrop of this excellent city. A visit to these fantastic nurseries is ideal for a peaceful stroll alongside getting a beautiful view of nature.

Exploring new places is always an adventure even if it is for the city you visit frequently. There is still something new to look for. Visit Delhi with this guide and explore something new for yourself.



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