8 Funny Bed Ideas You Would Love to Sleep In

Hey, today we have some very special rather interesting topic for you. You had pizza, right? So, would you like to sleep in it? You may be thinking what’s wrong with me right? But no really you can. I am not joking you can have a pizza as your bed. Not only pizza you can also have a hot dog bed, car bed, crocodile bed and lots more.
wake up and splash some water because now I am going to show you some wonderful bedroom that can make you feel sleepy.

Actually, we have a standard image set in your head regarding our bed, but some of the creative heads manage to design very unusual ones. And if that unusual idea becomes funny then nothing can be the best idea than this. We will give you some of the coolest bed ideas that will make your teenage child love it.
Okay without making you more confused let me disclosed the matter. Actually, we grow with our bed right? So, why don’t you make your bed interesting? You can make your bed an open book. Yes, like this open book you can present your heart out. We can help you out with some of the coolest ideas.

Sandwich Bed

Sandwich bed

Our chart tops with this idea. You can have a sandwich bed for your teenage child it looks like the original kind of sandwiches. But yes, it won’t be prepared using cheese tomato or the other ingredients those are used but it will definitely look yum.

Burger Bed

Burger bed

Have you ever heard about burger bed? No right? Now it’s time to prepare your burger bed.  Transform your stereotype bed into a very innovative one. Make your bed little spicier with the exotic toppings.

Nest Bed

Nest bed

Make your bed a little cozy in a nested style. I am sure that the little member of your family going to love the bed style. Make this bed type for your little bird.

Car Bed

Like the above-mentioned beds you can also prepare a bed like a car model. Keep yourself updated to break the concept of all the stereotype.  This kind of beds specially designed for kids.

Crocodile Bed

Crocodile bed-

You can make a crocodile bed as well. You don’t need much effort to do this kind of bed.  You can see a demo of this image. Your child would love to sleep here.

Ship Bed

According to me this is the nicest bed I have ever seen. You can make your ship bed as much beautiful as you can. Decorating your bed like the cabin of titanic is not the hard thing to make. Without going much far you can experience the ride of a ship.

Tent Bed

Have you ever spent your night in tent? No, then it’s your chance to have that experience. The simplest way to make your bed interesting.

Teddy Bear Bed

Teddy bear bed-

The cutest thing can happen with your bed. Enjoy the cuddling feeling of a teddy bear. I guess this can be one of the best gift for you in case of beds. Isn’t it? you can have some idea with this demo bed.

Apart from these kinds of beds, you can also make a bed of your own choice. You just need to open your creative mind to make your bed more attractive and presentable.


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