9 Ways to Keep Yourself Inspired and Motivated

9 Ways to Keep Yourself Inspired and Motivated

As compared to the ancient time, our life has changed rapidly. This modern world based on technology, numerous challenges,and career readiness. Similarly, this world also offers dream opportunities, with Inspirational personalities like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates; youth gets the belief that they can also achieve their dreams. However, the way of achieving one’s dream has a long run to pass through. During passing this long run, people can get tired,and most of them give up. The giving up should not be a choice.

With the following ways to keep motivated and inspired can help you to achieve your goal. Firstly, you should understand that motivation and inspiration are two different things. Many people associate them with each other,but they have a different requirement. Motivation is the kind of urge, which keeps you working. On the other side, inspiration is like a trigger, which pushes you to start some work. In other words, inspiration is the foundation and motivation is the block of the building of your dream.

So, let us explore how to stay motivated first:

Work on Your Body

Firstly, you need to understand that your brain is the one who gets motivated,but your brain has a deep connection with your body. You cannot get the motivation to do work, if you are not in good health, you feel low at the stamina,and you feel an iota of laziness. First, you need to work on your body. Eat healthy and light food; the junk food leads you to the laziness, which eliminates every kind of motivation.

Secondly, get plenty of exercises, which helps you to get high stamina and motivation. As far as your body works properly, you are prepared to take a large share of motivation.

Take Very Little

This is another basic thing to know that you cannot eat the whole plate in once. So, try to make a portion of them and take lightly. For example, if you are an athlete and want to improve, now, you have set a goal to dedicate three hours for practice. Do not do this, dedicate an only half an hour per day until you get in the flow and increase with the passage of time. You might know this trick already but remember that if you eat the whole meal in one day, you will not get hungry for another time. Try to save your hunger for the next time.

Applaud for Yourself

You might already know that our brain pushes us to do more work when we get the reward. It is kind of a luxury. After the accomplishment of every goal; no matter how little it is, take a reward. You can treat yourself with your favorite meal, go for an outing or just take some time with your friends. No matter what you want, do this after the accomplishment of the goal and you are ready to get the next step.

Take a Break

You and your magical mind need a rest. Do not rush, do not overdo. Everything will come into the flow if you keep track of your record and when you feel that you are tired, take a break. Take a day off or go out with your friends. You should know that this life is a one-time treat, just enjoy a little outside of your goals and you will get a fresh mind to work further.

Now, it is time to understand how to get inspiration:

Take the Energy of Your Surrounding

Your surrounding holds hundreds of stories try to observe, try to learn from it. For instance, if you want to become a successful businessman, take the example of any businessman around yourself. Everyone possess some qualities,and their bad experience can also teach you something. Such as, if some uncle of your unsuccessful businessman, you can learn from him that why did he fail? What stops him from going further? Learn from every little thing,and you never waver from your goal.

Be natural

Nature has produced the great poet like William Wordsworth who changed the concept of poetry and turned it from classical to romantic. You are no-exception. Nature is the first and foremost teacher of yours, especially if you want to become an artist. Take a morning tour to the park, take some time for hiking or just spend some time on your rooftop which star-gazing. Everything works,and it calms you inside,and you can hear the voice of your heart with the help of nature.


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Take some Alone Time

When you get alone, you can think clearly. You, yourself is a great inspiration. Praise yourself for being yourself. Understand your flaw and strength. Plan how to work on your goals and so on. Alone and peaceful time opens the door of secrets you want to reveal. If you are introvert, alone time will become a great activity of yours to understand yourself and your life clearly. It also becomes an inspiration to do more.

Be happy

Do anything you think that which makes you happy. But remember that there is a huge difference between temporary pleasure and infinite happiness. For example, you feel satisfaction and peace of mind while reading some good book; this is a trigger of your happiness. However, you feel pleasure to get drown yourself in alcohol; this is temporary. You need a real thing to get inspiration instead of a fake one. Choose wisely,and your heart will lead you to the right path.

At last, this is the last tip for both getting inspiration and motivation:

Read the Books, Listen to Music and Meet with the people

These three things are essential for success. When you read anything, you get the knowledge,and the right kind of knowledge always works. For example, the biographies or your favorite personalities help you to stay motivated and inspired.

Music is the best way to get awash of your soul which leads to the calm mind ready for the work. At last, when you meet with the people, your stamina will increase with the challenges, you are facing.


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