Affordable Birthday Gift Ideas for 2022

Affordable Birthday Gift Ideas for 2022

Shopping for others is fun, but it can also be expensive!

 With just birthdays alone, you can easily end up spending over $1,000 throughout the year if you are getting one friend or family member a gift per month.

 And this is keeping in mind that inflation seems to only be rising too. But shopping for those you care about on their big day is a fun thing to do and should not just be limited to expensive items.

 In fact, there are plenty of affordable gift ideas that you can get all year long that often come at a better price than what you would find during a Black Friday sale! Whether you are wanting to get your mom a meaningful birthday gift or your friend something that celebrates the new decade of life they are going into, you can find gifts that they and your bank account will both love.

 These affordable gifts range from items that enhance your wellbeing to experiences that will make them feel special. To help you on your shopping quest, we have rounded up all the different gifts that you can easily and quickly purchase on a budget.

 1. The Gift of Music

Listening to music is a sensory experience that everyone can benefit from. And the best part is there are music selections out there for every person, every genre preference and every generation. In fact, you can get classic albums under $20 online and have a great excuse to dust off the old vinyl record player too. In fact, vinyl records are coming back on trend and are more popular than ever in the 21st century. Not only can you find classic albums, but those of today’s mainstream artists too.

 Or, you can give the gift of a Spotify membership so that they can access the wonderful world of music on the go and start to curate their own playlists too. This enables them to have access to thousands of songs and albums from multiple generations on one app. They can even download their playlists so they can listen to it when they don’t have access to wifi as well. 

2. The Gift of a Really Good Drink

No one has ever complained about getting an alcoholic drink for their birthday. In fact, it is probably one of the best go-to affordable gifts that never go out of style. Whether it is their favorite bottle of champagne or the trendiest mezcal, giving the gift of a really good drink is one of the best ways to celebrate a birthday. And best of all, you will likely get to enjoy that drink with them too!

3. The Gift of Style

Clothes are also another great go-to gift for birthdays. In fact, with so many great brands now creating unique and customizable clothes, you can find the perfect piece of clothing to give as a birthday gift. And depending on your budget and style, you can go in numerous directions when it comes to clothes. If they are into that t-shirt and jean look, then why not get them some graphic tees for men that match their personality?  Or give them the perfect pair of aviator sunglasses or a colorful accessoriesto act as their ultimate go-to when putting together an outfit.

And if you are really stumped, giving them a gift card to their favorite clothing brand is a great way to ensure you stay within your own budget and they can pick out something that they will absolutely love and wear a ton. The gift of style allows you to give a gift that makes them look and feel great. 

4. The Gift of Relaxation

Wellness is something we all need. And there is no better gift to give for someone’s birthday than the gift of relaxation. This can come in many different forms and also suit a whole range of budgets. For those looking for a simple gift that offers to heal, gifting an essential oil collection is a great way to go. Not only can they help decrease stress levels, but essential oils are known to help those meditate and focus the mind, body and soul.

Or, you can give an experiential gift of relaxation and get a spa voucher. Again, the benefit of a voucher is that you can give an amount that meets your budget. And that way the lucky recipient can organize a treatment that they want and for a date that suits them. This is one of the best types of birthday gifts to get because who doesn’t want to spend the day at the spa!

5. The Gift of Technology

We live in an age where technology is at its finest and there is a whole range of products to make our day to day lives easier. And best of all, these gadgets come in all shapes, sizes and prices. For a unique birthday gift, why not consider getting them a robotic vacuum cleaner so they never have to do that chore themselves again? Or, you could go more practical and get them a portable charging dock for their electronic devices.

There are also some super trendy and affordable technology gifts as well to consider—from AirPods and Apple Watches to an animal-shaped Alexa. Even if they are not a technology geek, they will surely love the convenience that these gifts provide them with.

6. The Gift of Coffee

If they love coffee, then getting them anything coffee related is a fantastic route to go for an affordable gift you know they will love. Even giving them a simple bag of beans that are sustainably sourced and come from a boutique vendor will make them excited. But the coffee gifts don’t stop there. You can also consider getting them ceramic coffee mugs, a cold brew coffee maker or even a coffee bean subscription. The gift of coffee is a great way to ensure that their day starts off great every single morning.

7. The Gift of Plants

Giving the gift of plants is something that you can never go wrong with. And depending on the type of plants you get, they can help you spoil them on their birthday without blowing your budget. You can go the traditional route of sending them a bouquet of flowers or go down the millennial trend of gifting them potted succulents for the ultimate urban living vibe. The best part about gifting plants is that they have longevity and is something that can be enjoyed for days, weeks and even months—depending on the type of green thumb they have.

So, if you are searching for the ultimate birthday gift this year but have a lean budget to stick to, do not fret. There are so many different types of gifts that you can get that will make the recipient feel special on their day.

From giving the gift of plants to symbolize constant growth and life to giving the gift of a really good drink so they can sit back, relax and ring in the next year of life, you will be able to truly impress them. Best of all, with so many different ideas, you can ensure that each of your friends and family gets something a little different for their birthday this year too.


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