Understanding Alcoholism Including Its Symptoms & Cure

Understanding Alcoholism Including Its Symptoms & Cure

Alcoholic beverages like wine, rum, scotch, beer or whiskey are the most commonly available intoxicants. The abundance of alcohol everywhere is the main reason why alcoholism is grasping the major criteria of people. As compared to synthetic drugs, it is a much better option because the probability of addiction is lower. Also, it impacts on the brain is temporary.

However, consumption on a regular basis leads you towards addiction. If you fail to manage the regular drinking habit, it leads towards Alcoholism which is harmful to health, personal life as well as social life too. Doctors categorize alcoholism into 3 levels i.e.:-

  1. Functional subtype
  2. Moderate
  3. Chronic severe subtype

A person grasped in alcohol addiction feels like total dependence on drinking. They cannot feel helpless to work or react normally without drinking. It’s ok to drink occasionally, but there is a significant difference between casual drinking & addiction.  If you or your loved ones are grasping in the claws of alcoholism, some symptoms mentioned below can help in understanding.

Symptoms signifying alcoholism in a person

  • If someone prefers to drink alone ad secretly even after being forced by everyone to leave this habit.
  • Feeling craving for alcohol whether it is night or early morning.
  • Mood swinging and irritative behavior without any solid reason.
  • Feeling helpless to leave drinking even after spoiling career, family and the entire social life.
  • Showing interest in nothing expected drinking alcohol.
  • Feeling guilty but unable to stop.
  • Hangover feeling when not getting alcohol.
  • Too much anxiety and nervousness if not getting alcohol on the time of craving
  • Going in depression, fatigue & not able to think clearly.

Major social behavior changes

  • Neglecting primary responsibilities & prioritizing alcohol.
  • Involving in unnecessary fights
  • Impulsivity in behavior
  • Deep regret or guilt regarding alcohol abuse but helpless
  • Lack of concern regarding other’s safety
  • Indulging in criminal activities
  • Increase in aggression

Consequences of Alcoholism

  • Damage to the internal organs

The main target of every alcoholic drink is your liver. If you are continuously drinking without a break, swelling occur in the liver that further damage your kidneys too. The entire nervous system becomes too weak that the patient can suffer from severe paralysis attack. It is generally scened ion many aged people whose immune system is already weak. Heart failure is another big reason to worry if you are experiencing all the symptoms of alcoholism as mentioned above. The small intestine directly absorbs alcohol content that results in its shrinking. Not only your heart, & digestion system but alcohol also cause damage to your neurological system. Some of the major harms to the brain due to alcohol abuse are:-

  1. Reduction in the grey matter of the brain which is the major component of the central nervous system.
  2. Losing the ability of visuospatial functioning
  3. Memory loss after getting high on alcohol
  4. Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
  • Severe diseases

  1. Cholesterol
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Cancer
  4. Sexual disorders
  5. Osteoporosis

Most reliable treatment of alcoholism

A person suffering from alcoholism must immediately join a drug & alcohol treatment center. Generally, these places are recognized as rehabilitation centers where doctors implement different therapies to return back the body of a patient to normal condition. Nowadays, luxury rehab centers are also available for the best in class treatment. Some of the most effective measures to get rid of alcoholism are:-

  • Detoxification of the entire body through different ways such as replacing slid food with vegetable-based smoothies, particular food restrictions & medication courses of pills like Naltrexone, Acamprosate & Disulfiram.
  • Counseling psychotherapy to make a change in behavior. The doctors of alcohol treatment centers help in dealing with stress and setting goals for life with a positive perspective.

Consuming alcohol in limited quantity is not bad for health. However, regular consumption leads to addiction that has severe consequences.


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