Basketball finishing drills

Top 14 best basketball finishing drills for coaches and players:

Basketball drills are very useful for players when they are trying to supplement their abilities by practicing drills. All the different basketball training drills are designed to improve specific basketball moves. There is no doubt in the fact that practicing specific drills helps you perform moves correctly. These basketball drills when practiced in an accurate manner benefits you in your game.

 These training drills are of no use when practiced inaccurately and with poor technique. While on the other hand, players who practiced these drills correctly are at no loss. It is a common saying that to improve yourself, you have to work hard out of your comfortable zone. These drills are basically some physical exercise that can bring about amazing improvements in your performance. 

Basketball finishing drills:

Finishing drills included in our collection of training videos are going to work on various types of finishes. In these videos, how to breakdown different steps is also instructed. This helps the players perform perfectly in the basketball court. Finishing drills vary for different players. Or in other words, finishing drills are not the same for every player. As each player varies in quickness and speed, they must be going for different finishes. For this purpose, our collection of videos includes several different types of triangle offense basketball finishing drills that are as follow

  1. Cone grab finishing drill
  2. 3 cone- groove finishing drill
  3. The arc finishing drill
  4. Figure 8 hook shots
  5. Finishing moves off the pass
  6. Drop step dribble-ball handling& finishing
  7. 1v1 speed dribble
  8. 3 pass 1v1 and 3v3
  9. 1 on 1 trailing layup drill
  10. 1v1 attack with narrow cones
  11. Foster 1v1 drill
  12. Beatem to the left
  13. Baseline 1 on 1 escape
  14. Competitive 1v1 attack

Best finishing drills training videos:

Our playlist of training videos includes best finishing drills. Whether you are a beginner or an old player, these drills are going to add on to your skills and abilities. These match up zone defense drills are going to improve a single move or two before you perform the actual finish. This will help players be able to perform various finishes. If you are a coach and want your team to take high percentage shot which is right at the basket, then you should add the above finishing drills in their workout plan. 

How these finishing drills are helpful?

When a player practice these drills, his different finishing drills are improve. Like he becomes able to finish well with either his hand. By practicing these drills, player becomes capable of using body postures rightly by analyzing different angles. 

To be an excellent finisher, a player not only needs to practice these drills but he must know when to use each finish while playing. He must develop both his hands equally and spend needed time on quality repetition of these finishing drills. 


All the different drills proves helping in the breakdown of various moves. It also includes teaching videos that will teach you exactly how to execute different finishes in your game. You are just one order away from having this amazing collection of basketball training videos.  


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