What Are the Benefits of Using US Shipping Address for Online Shopping?

What Are the Benefits of Using US Shipping Address for Online Shopping?

For US Customers Only,’ reads the fine print on many online shopping websites. For many shoppers, it means limited access to products. But for those with a us shipping address, the impediments are nothing but a minor inconvenience.

Case in point, MyUSaddress.ca lets buyers set up a FREE address, so they can ship packages from the US to Canada without the hassle of cross-border shipping. Sure, a US mail address might seem like a far-fetched idea, but you’ll smack your forehead upon realizing how easy it is to set up. In the meantime, let’s explore some of the benefits of getting such a shipping address.

Lower Shipping Costs

International shipping can be expensive, making some shoppers unwilling to pay the steep fees. A package forwarding service (the idea behind a US shipping address) typically offers competitive shipping rates by virtue of its extensive partnerships or industry know-how.

In contrast, individual retailers are unlikely to over such rates since they lack the infrastructure for international shipping. What’s more, your service provider can consolidate your packages – if you shop from different retailers. This could mean repacking multiple items into a single box, reducing shipping costs. For instance, they may repack items sold in large boxes, helping save on storage space and shipping costs.

Access to US-based Retailers

If you live in a country without access to US-based retailers, chances are you might feel locked out of the online shopping scene – as we alluded to earlier- as some online stores don’t cater to international customers. A US address lets you tap into the American market and take advantage of promotions, sales, exclusive deals, and discounts. After all, you can shop like a local – and go bonkers snagging your favourite items!

Plus, you’re more likely to access a wider selection of products as US-based retailers generally have more variety and style options than other countries. And despite the difference in the exchange rate (even without including discounts), such products are relatively cheaper.

Reduced Transit Time

Have you ever waited at home for an online order only to realize it had been delayed or lost in transit? Such is often the predicament buyers face, especially in cases of cross-border transit.

A US shipping address solves this problem by shortening your package’s journey and reducing the number of times it is handled. And with a reputable package forwarding service like MyUSaddress.ca, you’re sure your package will get to your doorstep on time. Since such service providers have an expansive network and years of experience in the industry, you don’t have to worry about slow delivery times or shipping mishaps.

The service provider also handles documentation, alleviating the stress of driving through bridge tolls or waiting in line at your local post office. And by looking out for prohibited items, they ensure you only ship items allowed into your country – per regulations. Besides, their service representatives are usually on hand to field your queries or address your concerns.

Free Storage

Who doesn’t like a freebie? Package forwarders typically offer free storage for a particular duration. As such, buyers can select multiple items from various retailers and ship them at once without incurring extra storage charges. Thus, once all your packages arrive at a forwarder’s warehouse, the service provider can ship them directly to your location – upon payment of delivery and customs fees.

Establishing A US Presence

Are you an e-commerce entrepreneur intending to sell products in the US? Sure, you might have a killer product and snazzy ads, but your credibility might take a hit if you’re not based in the US. People love ‘Merica; what else can we say?

A US address implies you’re not a random person trying to sell stuff online – it creates an American presence. For instance, your service provider may package your product with US labels on the invoices and return address. This gives your customers the confidence that a legitimate American company handles their orders. And as your credibility grows, so does your customer base, even if you’re not a resident or US citizen.

A US address gives customers access to an entire world of products. And with greater freedom, you can take advantage of various offers, regardless of location. Besides simplifying the shipping process, such an address helps you save money and establish your business. As such, a US address is more than a tool for online shopping – it’s an invaluable resource assisting buyers in maximizing the opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. 



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