Best Shoes Collection For Your Child – All Think About You Need To Know

Dress shoes by definition are the shoes that are meant to be worn on formal or semi formal events. They are any shoes that are not sneakers, heels or any other styled up shoes that tend to expose your feet. Basically these are brogue, Derby, Oxford or monk strap shoes. These are also known as the smart shoes as in something you would wear of a big event like a ball or any other formal event from weddings to meetings.

What Makes A Dress Shoe Different?

What makes a dress shoe different from other types of shoes is both its appearance and usage. Dress shoes are normally highly polished plan shoes with either plain or capped toes. These are mostly available in exquisite materials like probably leather average shoe size by age chart; take for example the black leather Derby shoes or Black velvet Derby shoes with formal heels. 

Taking about formal settings that require disciplined behavior; schools are one of the places where dress shoes tend to become a part of the formality. One of the biggest such example is the Catholic school uniform shoes where Mary Jane or saddle shoes are a part of the school uniform for girls. As for the color, dark and solid dress shoes are mandatory. No heels higher than 2 inches are allowed since high heels are unsafe and non practical for school. 

Moreover, no sneakers, army boots, tennis boots, canvas shoes or any other open shoes are allowed. School dress shoes for boys also have the same requirement regarding the color and type of shoes that are allowed. No flip-flops or sandals are allowed and all shoes must be closed. 

Even in winter students are required to bring their dress shoes with them for school day, if they are wearing boots outside. These shoes form the dress code and the discipline of the attire of their students. The uniform policies are mandatory is such schools and no violation is taken lightly. 

Lace Less Dress Shoes For Boys’ School

Dress shoes have been the trade mark of formality for boys and men since the Victorian Eras. They have been a style choice for centuries. Dress shoes represent the minimalistic style while being extremely versatile. Therefore it is not surprising that dress shoes are a part of heavy formal wear for both men and boys. 

Most boys’ schools tend to have dress shoes in their formal wear. One of the most popular choices amongst their school shoes are the slip on dress shoes that are also known as the lace less. These are the best dress school shoes for big boys due to their comfortable slip-on design that makes them perfect to be worn without worrying for laces. 


Dress shoes are the shoes that one wears on formal or semi formal events one such example are the school dress shoes. School dress shoes for boys involve both laced and lace less shoes. However lace less dress shoes are popular choice because they tend to save time that could be required in tying up laces since you can simply slip your foot in them. These shoes are a good choice for one to appear well dressed, even if they are short on time. 

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