SocialEras: Different body types and how to dress accordingly

Different body types and how to dress accordingly

How many times it happens that you see an elegant dress on a mannequin and you’re captivated by the sheer beauty of it.

So, what do you do next?

You walk in the store tell the salesperson that you would like to try the dress. In your head you already know how it will look on you, where will you wear it, what kind of shoes will go with it etc.

You take the dress to the changing booth with all the enthusiasm. But when you wear it and look yourself in the mirror, arrrggghh! It doesn’t look anything like what you had pictured.

So, why does that happen?

It’s because of your body type. Simple.

A lot of women face such instances on a day to day basis. So, the best solution to this is to understand your body type and how to dress according to your body type.  Socialeras women fashion experts say that it’s very important for a woman to know her body type as wearing clothes may bring down a woman’s confidence.

So let’s understand each body type and how you should dress if you have that body type.

Body type is the outline of your structure and how it appears if we just focus on the borders of your body. There are multiple types of bodies and let’s find out which one are you!

Different body types and how to dress accordingly

Dress Styles as per body types

Body type — Apple

 If your body is heavy on the upper side when compared to your lower body then it can be said that you have an apple shape body. If your body is apple shape then you would have broad shoulders and bigger bust line. Most apple bodied women feel their weight gathers around the mid or stomach vicinity.

Dressing tip

 As the apple body type concentrates the weight in the midriff, the waistline looks minimal. So, the best way to dress for apple body type is to highlight the best parts of your body. Flaunt your legs by wearing dresses and try to wear V necklines which will create an elongated illusion of your torso. Check out Socialeras clothing, they have a great collection for apple shaped bodies.

Body type — Hourglass

The most perfect body shape is hourglass. It’s just not me but it is considered by everyone. Infact, anybody who has an hourglass body generally know they have it. This is the perfect balance of upper and lower body with a pretty defined waistline. So, if you have this godly figure then you should flaunt each and every bit of it.

Dressing tip

As you have the perfect figure, you should dress accordingly. Wear things that highlight your each curve. Wear dresses that cinch at the waist, V necklines will show off your upper body and what not! Just flaunt it because very few lucky ones have it!

Body type — Pear

Pear shaped body is the one with weight concentrated at the lower part of your body. Kim Kardashian is the perfect example of a pear shaped body. It means you have bigger thighs and butt and slimmer upper body.

Dressing tip

With a pear shaped body, you can easily create an illusion of an hourglass shape by enhancing your upper body. So, wear anything that broadens your shoulder or make them appear broad. Skinny jeans with loose tops can create such illusion. Crop Tops & V necks  are also great in balancing your lower and upper body. Socialeras has a great collection for pear type bodies, do check them out!

Concluding, it’s important to understand your body type before you walk in a store and purchase that makes you look not so good. If you know which type of body you have and dress accordingly, then you can exceed your own expectations when it comes to looking beautiful and simply stunning.


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