Camping in the United Arab Emirates: Where to Enjoy Outdoor Recreation in the Wild

Camping in the United Arab Emirates: Where to Enjoy Outdoor Recreation in the Wild

When we talk about holidays in the United Arab Emirates, many people think of a luxurious holiday, which includes accommodation in the world’s best hotels with exclusive service, sunbathing on popular Dubai beaches, and dinners in gourmet restaurants. Of course, if you want to relax while enjoying high-quality amenities and being able to have a luxury Mercedes E Class for rent in Dubai with the comfort of getting anywhere in the city, then you have plenty of options to do so. Car rentals offer luxurious models of premium class cars, which anyone can rent for a long time at an affordable price. Rental cars are truly popular among tourists as well as locals.

However, many people like spending a vacation, when you can get out of the noisy cities, plunge into the world of wildlife, and enjoy the beauty of nature. The United Arab Emirates offers many places for outdoor recreation. If this is about you, then we invite you to start the engine of your trailer and go on an amazing journey.

Al Qudra Lakes

This place is located in the most popular emirate of the country and is perfect for a family holiday. You can go here to escape from the crazy pace of life in the city. While on the lake, you can take the time to meditate and properly feel refreshment of mind and body.

In addition, you will get the opportunity to enjoy not only picturesque views but also wild animals that live here. This is a great opportunity to introduce your children to the wonderful world of wildlife. More than 350 species of birds call this place their home, so in the morning you will wake up to the sweet chirping of birds.

Banan beach

This beach is especially popular among campers, so you don’t have to worry that crowds of tourists will interfere with your vacation. If you forgot to pack and put something in your trailer, the staff here can provide you with tents, pillows, and other camping essentials. In addition, here you can do many sports.


Privacy lovers can go to this place to put their thoughts in order and relax in a calm secluded environment. It is located near Abu Dhabi and its isolated nature will delight every vacationer.

Getting here is quite difficult, but if you have a trailer or SUV, then it will not be difficult for you. Make sure you have a supply of water, petrol, and groceries, as there are no shops for miles around.

Umm Al Quwain Beach

To enjoy your holiday in the company of other enthusiasts who love camping, you can come to this beach, where you will find like-minded people. Here you will find everything you need to have an unforgettable time, as this place can offer you a huge range of activities from calm to adventurous.

Not far from the beach, you can find old fishing villages. If this sounds boring to you, then it is far from being true, as flamingos, as well as other representatives of wild bird species, often wander into these places. To add to your adventure list, be sure to go kayaking along the mangroves.

Bedouin Camping

In the deserts of Ras Al Khaimah, you can experience the rich Arab heritage and local culture. Coming here, you will want to spend as many nights here as possible because the view of the stars in the evening is simply amazing.

This place can offer everything, including the necessary camping equipment, as well as a variety of activities. Thanks to the availability of tour guides, you can go on an educational tour where you can learn more about this amazing place.


Nature, located outside the major metropolitan areas of the United Arab Emirates, is amazing. In this regard, one should not miss the opportunity to learn more about what is outside the bustling cities. Going on a trip on a trailer, you can get closer to nature, enjoy privacy, and also spend your vacation actively.


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