How To Choose a Car Duster

How To Choose a Car Duster

Wipe away your worries and daily automotive debris with the latest car duster. Find out how these handy tools make routine car cleaning a breeze and help reduce the amount of washing, polishing and waxing you need. Whether preparing to store your vehicle in an outdoor car bubble or taking it out for a spin, find out how to effectively use your new duster.

How To Properly Dust Your Car

First, it’s time to clear up a few misconceptions about car dusters. These convenient cleaning tools aren’t meant to replace your wash routine. A brush is a great way to wipe off pollen, leaves, light dust and other debris, but mud, water or heavy dust require a full cleaning with water, car shampoo and other cleaning products.

The best car duster for paint, when used properly, extends the time in between washings. Even the slightest dust settling on your paint job can create unwanted marks. In the past, you may have resorted to a full wash just to remove minor dust. A car duster sweeps away all those minor contaminants in between routine and thorough washings.

Wash, polish and wax your vehicle with professional automotive products. The right microfiber towels, automotive wax and polishing tools can make all the difference in caring for your vehicle. A scratch-resistant wax coating, combined with a wax-coated duster, helps you keep a sparkling finish.

Be sure to use a wax-coated cotton brush to dust your car. Don’t use water, but gently swipe the brush along your vehicle and watch all that dust cling to the high-quality cotton. Use a different brush for dusting tires, and consider investing in a premium kit of dusters for a variety of head sizes and handle lengths. These specialized dusters help you reach every inch of your vehicle, inside and out, to keep it free from dust and other debris.

Will Car Dusters Scratch Your Car?

Improper use or improper tools can scratch your paint job, so be sure to clean your car with the right gear and the right techniques. Using a duster on heavy grime is a common mistake during the auto care process. Not only will this compromise the lifetime of your duster, it will also fail to properly clean your car. If you’re attempting to wipe up thick grease, mud or other contaminants, it could even scratch your car.

Another common mistake is using water with your car duster. Paraffin-wax-coated cotton can cause streaks in the water, and routine wet use can wear away the wax coating. Proper use in a dry, light dusting environment prevents scratches on your vehicle.

Finally, the last common mistake is using the wrong brush. Don’t trust any duster on your luxury car. An everyday brush or a used brush might not have the soft cotton and wax coating necessary for scratch-free maintenance.

Shop online to compare car duster options. Enjoy scratch-free dusting and easy maintenance with a premium kit of professional dusters. Review customer ratings and order an affordable kit to keep your vehicle looking like new with minimal maintenance.


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