The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Type of Friend

The Christmas and gift-giving season is fast approaching; are you prepared? If you haven’t even thought about holiday shopping yet, it’s time to start preparing.

This guide will help you plan and figure out the best gifts for every type of friend.

The Hipster Friend

If you have a hipster friend, you know they pride themselves on being ahead of every trend, liking obscure music and media, and being different. It can be hard to know what to gift this kind of friend if you’re a part of the mainstream. So, what do you give a hipster friend for Christmas?

A cool hipster gift is this Flavored Coffee Duo. It comes in unique flavors like peach nectar and chocolate blueberry. You won’t find those at your local coffee shop.

The Nerdy Friend

Nerdy friends are typically easier to shop for, especially if they are vocal about their passions. If you know what your nerdy friend is into, look for gifts that relate to their hobbies and interests. Are they into superheroes?

If so, check out these awesome gifts for Batman fans. This list is sure to have something for your nerdy friend.

The Long Distance Friend

It’s hard to maintain relationships with long-distance friends. Show them you are thinking about them this holiday season with a gift to connect the two of you. These Long Distance Friendship Lamps are connected and when you tap your lamp, their light will glow to show you are thinking of them.

The Athletic Friend

We all have a friend who is a fitness buff. In 2020, many have given up their gym memberships to exercise from the safety of their own homes. If this is the case with your athletic friend, get them something to add to their home gym.

The Artsy Friend

Artists typically get the same thing for Christmas and birthdays every year: sketchbooks. While it seems like a great idea, it’s likely your artsy friend already has more than enough sketchbooks. Change it up.

Check out these cute art socks as a gift for your artsy friend.

The Friend Who Has Everything

Do you have friends that buy everything they want and shrug when you ask what they want for Christmas? Friends who have everything are, arguably, the most difficult people to shop for. Don’t worry.

You can go for something really unique and unusual like this Cocktail Inspired Soap. Or, you can get them a practical gift you know they will actually use like gift cards or a meal kit delivery subscription.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Type of Friend

For many, the gift-giving and Christmas season is a stressful time. It doesn’t have to be, just follow our guide. You can find the perfect gifts for every type of friend in your life.

Whether you’re buying for your hipster or nerdy friends, or the person who has everything, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something fantastic. If you found this article to be helpful, leave up a reply and check out the rest of our posts on relationships, products and services, and more!


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