Considering Having Botox – What do You Need to Know

Considering Having Botox – What do You Need to Know

Whether you have been considering having Botox for a while or you have recently found yourself considering Botox injections, it is important to know as much as possible. When you are well informed and aware of what you can have, you can then make an informed decision. Botox works by blocking muscle movement. It cannot stop you aging, but it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox injections normally work for at least three months; sometimes the results will last up to 6 months. 

Why You Want to Have Botox

Knowing why you want to have Botox is important. It is also a question that will be asked by the skincare experts that you choose. Are you looking to have Botox for yourself as a treat or after a stressful period in your life? Or are you looking to have the treatment as part of a new skincare regime? Knowing why you want to start having Botox is important for your mindset and for managing your expectations. Taking a bit of time to yourself to think it through will give you clarity.

Where Do You Want to See Changes?

Botox injections can be applied to lots of places on the face, and they will often be applied to areas around the eyes. Around the eyes, Botox can help to reduce the lines that are associated with crow’s feet. You may wish to have Botox to reduce the frown lines you have on your forehead. Or you may decide to have Botox around your mouth and nose where your laugh lines are. When you look in a mirror, where would you like to see changes? When you first start having Botox, you may find that the results are instantaneous or it may be after a few days that you see the results. You must manage your expectations to ensure you are always happy with the results of Botox. After several sessions, the effects can be less noticeable. The Botox is still working, but your face and muscles are getting used to the injection.

Visiting a Professional Esthetician

As you will be having Botox injected, it is important that you only use professional estheticians. These skincare experts are knowledgeable and experienced. Botox cosmetic injections should only be administered by trained professionals who are working in a licensed environment. Ideally, you will want to reach out to an esthetician for an initial consultation. In this initial consultation, they get to know you, and they get to tell you in-depth what will happen. Without this initial consultation, you may find that you are apprehensive in the run up to your injections, and this is not what you want.

Regular Treatments and Sessions

Once you have had your first course of Botox injections, it is important to maintain regular treatments and sessions. If you do not maintain regular sessions, you are going to see the results disappear. Expecting the effects of Botox to last is unrealistic. Ideally, you should book a program of injections, having regular injections at least every few months is essential. 


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