Top 10 New Natural Pearl Necklace Ideas 2023

New Natural Pearl Necklace

The revival of minimalistic jewelry has paved the way for pearls to take over. One of the most elegant and evergreen choices of jewelry is pearl necklaces. Whether you are gifting or buying for yourself, nothing is more regal than a well-crafted natural pearl necklace. If you aim for quiet luxury or a subtle sparkle, pearls are the way to go. One of the perks of opting for a pearl necklace is that the variety of pearls you can get is wide. The colours and shades may differ from one season to the next due to the natural element of pearls. 

This fact gives rise to plenty of various designs that can be enjoyed for years to come. Many people need to be made aware of the different colors and variety of pearls available. You can use this to your advantage and build a collection of pearl necklaces that can be the envy of every person. Here are the top 10 natural pearl necklace ideas. 

Trending Top 10 natural pearl necklace ideas

Oval pearl necklace set – If you want to buy an authentic Darpan Mangatrai Natural Pearl Necklace, then the most simple and conventionally beautiful necklace is a single-string pearl necklace. The pearl necklace itself is made of oval pearls and makes much difference to the face structure of the wearer. If you have a round face and a roundish jawline, this necklace is meant for you. The oval pearls are also available in a pink or peach tone. This ensures you can flaunt your necklace on a white outfit too. 

Multi-color pearl necklace – A Elegant Gold Chains in a darker color is rare and should be shown off smartly. Take a look at this natural pearl necklace made up of a light-colored variety of pearls and a darker one too. A necklace with bluish or black pearls combined with white pearls can be show stoppers. At the same time, a combination of white and peach pearls looks divine.

Twisted pearl necklace – A single string may be too simple for an evening party. That is when you should look at this fabulous natural pearl necklace design. This design encompasses a thick string that is made up of small pearls twisted together to form this necklace. The pearls can be white, peach, or even pink. 

Baroque pearl necklaces – One of the unique pieces that you can get for the Darpan Mangatrai price of real pearl necklace is the baroque necklace. Made of natural baroque pearls, the shape of each pearl is unlike you have ever seen before. It is long and looks like a rough rectangle. The color itself is shaded, adding a bit of fun and mischief to your look. 

Layered single-color necklace – If you are looking to wear a pearl necklace for an event, a single string may look too simple. A layered pearl necklace can do wonders for your saree, lehenga, or Indo-western outfit. The colour of the pearls can be based on what you would be wearing. 

Layered multi-color necklace – A layered multi-color necklace be impactful when paired with contrasting colors of outfits. The dual colors or combination of multiple colors coming together to form this exquisite piece can amp up your fashion quotient. Right from a simple brunch to an extravagant evening gala, this necklace can fit seamlessly into any social event. 

Rainbow layered necklace – A gradual change in color of a layered necklace looks stunning when paired with a solid-colored outfit. The pearl necklace can be shown off in all its glory without anything else dulling its sparkle. The gradation of color seen makes the necklace seem like it is a part of your attire naturally. 

Grey or black pearl necklace – The sheen of a black or grey pearl cannot be replicated in any other gem. The rich and velvety shine of this color pearls looks beautiful in a single string, double string or multi-layered necklace too. 

Choker – A choker has been topping the trend charts for a long time now. The traditional chokers have been replaced by the slightly altered, modernized versions that also go well with Indo-western outfits. The pendant of the choker may vary and can be made up of stones or metal, but the string that drapes around the neck delicately is often preferred to be made up of pearls. 

Kundan or polki – While diamonds and other precious stones find their way into every one of kundan or polki jewelry pieces, one element that binds them all is pearls. Whether the string keeps it all together or the ends of the pendant, pearls play an important role in these types of necklaces. They add dimension and a layer of texture to keep the necklace attractive and interesting. 

These top 10 natural pearl necklace ideas are currently trending on every platform. You can check out these designs and the available variations at Mangatrai. Get the best quality and a guarantee of natural pearls. Seek the best for yourself and adorn the various shades of nature with these stunning pearls. 


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