CouchTuner : Free Website to Watch Web Series and TV Shows Online in Full HD

CouchTuner Free Website to Watch Web Series and TV Shows Online in Full HD

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner, if you don’t already know is one of the most accessed video streaming websites. It is a subscription-free video streaming platform, where you can watch and experience content in clear, HD quality. Though it is mostly accessed by people in America, it is amazing then most of the sites and should clearly be famous all around the world.

The site is user friendly, where the content is segregated on the basis of genres, when it was released and also even countries. There are also sections of ‘top watched’ and ‘top ImdB’, which gives additional categories for you to work with. The site is perfectly simple yet efficient and delivers you the best, most immersive experience of watching the videos.

There are seemingly unlimited movies and Tv shows on the site, which you can stream in some nice and premium quality. However, there are some times when the streaming files are missing or sometimes doesn’t work properly. Now this is the time we need some other options, similar to CouchTuner, to fulfil your wishes. The alternatives, therefore, are given below. But before that, let’s look at the features of this amazing site.


Features of CouchTuner

  1. Content is absolutely free:To access the videos, there is no need of making an account or secret requests of credit card details. Just open the website, search for your video and stream it without any hassle.
  2. Perfect quality of the videos:The videos available are all in premium quality, provided your own internet works perfectly. Since everything is free, it is a bonus that the content is available in HD.
  3. Sleek and Intuitive UI: The UI is quite simple and efficient to use, with all of the content neatly categorized in proper groups; it just makes sense to use this.
  4. Safe or not?There are serious questions on the safety of the website. It is, however, not at all a malicious website, but just a pirate video site, just as how these websites work. However, since it leads to third party links, there is a strong possibility of the links messing up your computer or laptop. It seldom happens, so you can be rest assured.
  5. Categories to easily access the video:The videos on the site are properly segregated in neat little divisions so that you can access the videos as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Free Website to Watch Web Series and TV Shows Online in Full HD like CouchTuner

CouchTuner Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online

CouchTuner has to have some alternatives, because of it being such a huge and popular thing. Given below are some of the best imitations of this amazing website –


If you are looking for sites like a CouchTuner to watch HD movies online in free, TubiTV is the one to go. There is absolutely free streaming of the content, which is in turn categorized in different section, so as to make accessing them as easier as possible. It can also be effortlessly used from Android and iOS devices, which means you can literally spend all your day on this amazing platform.


BMovies will let you watch movies and tv shows for free, resembling the interface of CouchTuner. An additional feature of it is the availability of the old full-length movies, which can’t be found easily online. The movies are differentiated on the basis of genre – such as action, sci-fi, war, crime, sports and what not. Its library is massive, and you can stream anything without creating an account or having to download them.


TVMuse is quite a safe one of this list, with a large chunk of population using this platform to stream online content. There are, assuredly, more than 2000 TV shows on this site, complete with full seasons and episodes. There are even latest movies, apparently uploaded as soon as it comes out. It has different categories, right from movies, news, TV shows, anime to even parenting, safety, music and dance, etc.

Global TV

Global TV is one of the best CouchTuner alternatives to watch series online and TV shows as well. It will let you watch movies and series for free and with the ease of accessing and browsing this site, it becomes a literal piece of cake. There might be few ads that can interrupt you while streaming the content, but they are infrequent and quite easy to ignore. The homepage lets you access the content with the help of four parts – full episodes, live TV, shows and schedule.


YesMovies is another CouchTuner alternative, with free streaming and free downloading as well. There are many types of content, such as drama, romance, thriller, animation and not to forget, action, to just name a few. Movies are on a different page, whereas the TV shows are on a different one. If you are in search for Korean or even Filipino shows or movies, then don’t worry – YesMovies got you covered!


SolarMovie is one of the best online streaming platforms that are out there, apart from CouchTuner. SolarMovie is actually quite popular in India, US, UK and Canada, but it can be accessed from around the world. It is quite easy to use, with amazing user interface and absolutely free of cost, with no need of registration or filling out your credit card details. Now that is amazing!


Cucirca has the same features as CouchTuner, but has only TV shows. There are the latest and most popular shows, such as Friends, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars and what not. There series are absolutely free, and there is no annoying signing up. If you are looking for movies, then you will not find them here. Another bad point here is the interface, which is not that great, as compared to others.


Project Free TV is quite a famous CouchTuner alternative. A unique thing to note here is it being an open source project. It is actually being studied by various copyright infringement authorities and it is still standing tall. There are movies and TV shows that can be streamed here according to your time and preference. There are the popular shows like The Walking Dead and Stranger Things, and not so popular ones as well – choose whichever you want and enjoy the amazing experience.


CafeMovie is an amazing addition in this list, since it has not only the latest episodes and movies, but let you access them easily and freely also. You can scroll down the homepage to learn about all the genres and categories that are there. It has, however, many ads, which might annoy the users, but since it is legally safe, what are some irritating ads as compared to accessing a legally unsafe website?


Rainierland is the ultimate stop, same like CouchTuner watch free movies and TV shows. It mostly resembles CouchTuner in its interface, where you can watch free movies and TV series, and download them to your heart’s content. The movies are also segregated on the basis of ‘most viewed’ or also ‘best rated’, which helps a lot for the new users. There is a search option at the top of the page, where you can search for your favorite ones.


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