Top 6 Free Music Downloader App for Android

Top 6 Free Music Downloader App for  Android in 2020

Find here best Free Music Download Apps for Android

Starting your day with good music can make your whole day awesome. All thanks to the internet and smartphones, Through which we can listen and download different songs. We have so many android apps that provide so many songs in various languages.

Also, useful features of these music apps allow us to download our favorite songs, listen to them on our Chromecast, TV, and other devices, and we can share our playlists with our friends and family. All of this is accessible at our fingertips and free of cost.

Today, We’ll see the top 6 free music downloader apps for android

1: Gaana

Over 100M+ downloads and top-rated app. It is the most popular app in the music category. This app offers you free, unlimited access to all Bollywood songs, Hindi songs, Regional songs, Video songs, English songs, Punjabi songs, Radio, and many other genres. 

You can explore different Ghazals, Bhakti geet, Sad songs, Romantic hits, and many other genres. Gaana app also provides you the list of top Bollywood songs, international top 50 songs, and top podcasts. You can listen and download different playlists created by different people, and you can also share your playlist with other people.

Choose your songs according to your mood, make a playlist, and share it with your friends and family. You can download your playlist and listen to them without the internet.

Overall ratings 4.6

2: JioSaavn Music & Radio

Over 100M+ downloads, this app is also the most downloaded. In this app, you can listen and download many different songs and podcasts for free. 

A wide variety of music in different languages, availability of lyrics, And also allows you to use this app in your regional language and many more awesome features make this app different from other apps.

You can listen to your songs on Alexa, Chromecast, Google Home, and many other devices. The inbuilt feature of this app helps you to set JioTunes. I found this feature very helpful and amazing. 

Overall ratings 4.1

3: Wynk Music 

More than 100M+ downloads. This app has been available on playstore since 2014, and This was the time when these apps were a new trend among many people. Variety of different songs in different languages,

Popular international artists like K-Pop and many other artists which you can easily find on this app. Wynk Music allows you to set HelloTunes for free. Support for Chromecast, Google Assistant is also a feature of this app. You can also follow the artists to get updates regularly.

Overall ratings 4.3


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4: Spotify 

It is the most prominent media service provider worldwide, Founded in 2006. Indians were familiar with this app and the variety of songs available on it, But it came to India after a very long time. Spotify launched in India in 2019, but it gained popularity very quickly.

The best thing about this music app is the availability of international songs for free. Over 500M+ downloads, This is the most popular app everywhere, and you can easily find this app in almost every smartphone. 

You can get every international English song, Bollywood songs, Podcasts and different genres like games, Health, Educational and many more and all of this is free. A Spotify premium account if received for free, is straightforward to use and also allows you to listen to your songs on Chromecast, PlayStation, TV, and many other devices. 

Overall ratings 4.6

5: Google Play Music 

Over 5B+ downloads. This app is the most popular music app which allows you to upload your songs that can be accessed by different people worldwide. This app gives you a feature in which you’ll get the songs according to your preferred language.

It is effortless to use and provides free music based on your mood, How you are feeling, or what you want to listen to. All of this is available at your fingertips. This app is mostly pre-installed in many android devices.

Overall ratings 4.2


6: Hungama Music 

More than 10M+ downloads. It is one of the oldest and popular music apps. More than 10M+ songs available in every regional language and different genres like Rock, Jazz, EDM, Bhangra, and many more.

Hungama Music app provides you lyrics so you can sing while listening to your favorite song. You can download your favorite songs and can listen to them without the internet.

Overall ratings 4.2


Music is like medicine, and it can change our mood and fresh our mind. Listening and downloading music can reduce stress and anxiety and also keeps us away from unnecessary danger. Music is the language of love.

We should listen to music and even share them with our loved ones. Music helps us to share our emotions without saying a single word. Our favorite songs are connected to our hearts. Stay happy and keep listening to music.


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