COVID-19 Is Not An Excuse Not To Visit Your Favourite Gym

COVID-19 Is Not An Excuse Not To Visit Your Favourite Gym

With about 15,192 cases of COVID-19 with 146 deaths in the United Arab Emirates according to the WHO, life has to go. The Register of Exercise Professionals put up safety guidelines for gym operators to match the health department protocols. This is an effort to get the fitness industry back on its feet. Keeping fit and healthy is more important today than ever before. Regular exercise is a precautionary measure to avoid coronavirus. Fitter and healthier people have better chances of staying safe.

Why hit the gym amid COVID-19

The coronavirus is impacting schools, nurseries, training programs, business operations, and international events. However, fitness is going strong. Going to the mall or eating out in a restaurant has a higher chance of contracting coronavirus than at the gym. This results from being in closer proximity to other people where you might be tempted to shake hands.

People with a weak immune system have a higher risk of contracting coronavirus. This has made many people realize the need to visit the gym more often. Exercising makes one feel good mentally to beat the anxiety of the tying times everyone is going through. Various events in the country are postponed to limit mass gatherings but you can go to your favorite gym.

Here is why

The COVID-19 pandemic is making people follow gym instructions diligently. With low numbers currently in the gym, you are going to the experience at your favorite top ladies’ gym in Dubai. The biggest motivation to go to the gym right now is the intense degree of cleanliness to proactively curb the presence of the virus. All contact surfaces including handlebars and barbells are regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Measures to keep gyms safe from COVID-19

At the gym entrance

Checking the temperature of everyone entering the gym is very important. Temperature checks at the entry screen out infected people from entering the gym. Touchless infrared thermometers are used for screening in public. They are highly effective in measuring skin temperature and limit the spreading of the virus from one person to another for use without body contact.

Additionally, the use of hand sanitizers for everyone entering the gym premises is very important. Washing hands regularly is a good way to curb the spread of the virus across various surfaces. Gyms are ensuring the availability of hand sanitizers for patrons always. All this is very important to ensure that everyone who enters the gym is free from the virus.

While working out

Gyms now have more air ventilation to limit the chances of the virus becoming airborne. This is very important because there is a possibility of air conditioning circulating droplets carrying the highly infectious virus. Equally important is for gym members to maintain a two-meter displace apart from others. This limits exposure to air droplets from others that might carry coronavirus. Wearing masks and gloves inside the gym is another measure that keeps everyone safe from COVID-19.

While working out, try as much as possible to avoid touching your face. Ensure to carry enough face towels for cleaning up whenever necessary. Use a clean one each time to avoid introducing the virus to your face from the used towel. Washing hands more regularly is very important and ensure to cough or sneeze into your elbow. When not feeling well, just remain at home and don’t go to the gym.

Keeping the gym clean

Regular cleaning and sanitizing are more important than ever before. Gyms have special cleaning hours during the day with full disinfection. The sanitation should include cleaning water tanks and an air conditioner including replacing the filters. Before and after classes, equipment and machines including bikes need cleaning and sanitizing frequently.

Equally important is cleaning the floor and shoes more regularly than before. The gyms are also offering wet wipes and sanitizers in various locations for patrons across the premises. These allow clean-up where necessary.

 After working out

Patrons usually clean up after working out. This requires taking a shower before heading home or to other destinations. However, sharing public amenities is not recommended amid COVID-19. Gym patrons are discouraged taking showers. Customers have to only use the changing rooms while in the bathroom to keep safe.

Why you need to exercise more than ever

  • Strengthening immunity
  • Uplifting mood
  • Helping you tune out the world
  • Enhancing brain function and memory
  • Encouraging calmness and happiness
  • Boosting energy level, focus, concentration, and productivity

Bottom line

With limited activity today, you don’t want to get out of the COVID-19 lockdown with more weight than before. Staying active is also important to enhance your immunity to beat the virus. Working out at your favorite gym is safe while taking precautions yourself with the use of sanitizer and washing hands regularly. Finding a gym is easy through an app to maintain social distancing and limit exposure to other people who might have coronavirus.


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