Defencebyte Anti-Virus – A comprehensive solution for system security 

Defencebyte Anti-Virus - A comprehensive solution for system security 

Defencebyte anti-virus is not just a component of internet security. It is more than that. It offers protection from viruses, malware, and redundant software that are continually growing. While most operating systems come with an in-built antivirus package, it is not sufficient as it rarely gets updated.

The Defencebyte Anti-Virus (AV) suite offers complete protection and security. It also alerts about the latest updates and security tips. It enables the users to keep the system clean and perform efficiently.

 Defencebyte AV Software Highlights:

  • Scans and identifies hidden harmful file registries. No malicious code would remain hidden anymore.
  • Safeguards the system from other online dangers.
  • It helps in fixing various system issues and is easy to use.
  • Seamless and effective to execute.
  • Automated and timely updates.
  • Simpler and cleaner interface.
  • Compatible with all the versions of Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Functions of Defencebyte AV Software:

Being a multi-dimensional tool, Defencebyte AV Software functions simultaneously to detect, prevent and offer solutions.

Detection – The Anti-virus tool monitors running processes such as file encryption, modifies registry keys, etc. It detects and blocks virus attacks.

Prevention – Irrespective of ransomware protection, the Defencebyte security tool traces the viral patterns, whether it is in pre-implementation or running mode.

Solution – The anti-virus software detects and restricts all malicious activities to reverse the changes and clean up the entire system.

Installation and Set-up – The installation is hassle-free to set up and a person with no technical background can also complete it with ease.


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Defencebyte AV Plans and Features:

Defencebyte AV offers some excellent features as outlined below. It makes anti-virus secure, such as the sandboxing set-up to test a program without the risk of infection or the roll-back on ransomware ensuring there is no file encryption.

  • Timely scans – The timely scan feature enables the users to plan well before time to keep the system protected. It allows users to invest time correctly and efficiently keeping the device safe.
  • Solution and Roll-back – Roll-back allows restoration of files to their state prior to encryption by deploying ransomware.
  • Automated and Live Alerts – The statistics claim that 5,00,000 new malware are created and identified on a daily basis. To safeguard the system against new ransomware, an automated alert is provided to the users affirming the protection is updated.

Advantages of using Defencebyte AV Package:

Protection from hacking – The tool provides protection against hackers and viruses from entering the system. And safeguards the data, files, and passwords.

Secured web browsing – It notifies and warns about harmful websites, files, and links. Thus, alerting users about authentic and fake websites.

Hassle-free Set-up: No technical knowledge is essential to complete the set-up process.

Deep Scan – The intelligent user-interface deep scans the system in a smooth and effective manner.

Timely Check-up – It enables to set up of timely automated detections, giving users a reminder to manually scan the system.

Automated Daily Updates – The Defencebyte anti-malware provides automated updates on a routine basis with an accurate detection rate.

Secured File Removal – If there is a suspected threat on some PC application, users can remove the file related to the same.

365/24/7 Protection – It offers continual protection against suspected threats. And upon detecting any malicious tendencies, it is curbed, repaired, and eradicated immediately.

The Bottom-Line

Defencebyte AV offers a great user experience. It could either be in the form of quick scans, custom scans, or deep scans as per customer preferences. The user interface is easy and has a left-sided tab for section navigation. Primarily, the overview section displays the general scenario. And lastly, there is a scan button to resume the scan with an alternative to opt from as per the preferred type of scanning.

The utility tool can be accessed using the tabs above. The settings can be changed using the settings icon on the bottom right-side on the manage tab from the top. It is comparatively easier to navigate through the software.

In terms of customer service, users can reach either via knowledge base or email and ticketing. Payments can be made using Credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) and PayPal. Defencebyte AV offers users a 30-day trial period to use the premium version and test if the product is satisfactory or not.

Apart from the 30-day trial, a 30-day money-back guarantee can also be availed. Thus, allowing users up to 60-days of free software usage. To top it up, specialized plans are available for various users. Defencebyte comes with a distinct range of services without requiring users to adhere to all of them. A user can opt for a particular service and exclude the other.

No better defence for your system, than Defencebyte Anti-Virus!


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