How delaying phimosis treatment can be harmful?

delaying phimosis treatment

Phimosis is a condition of tight foreskin or prepuce of the penis. The tight foreskin covers the head or glans penis and creates a lot of discomfort and pain. The situation may aggravate if a person tries too hard to pull the foreskin over the tip for urination or sexual intercourse. Thus, there is no doubt that phimosis can actually make a person’s life stressful. 

Most men think that they are the only one suffering from such a penile problem and choose to stay silent due to the hesitation or embarrassment. But, you should know that phimosis in adults is a medical condition that needs proper treatment without delay.

Delaying the phimosis treatment can cause more harm than you may think of.

Here are the possible complications that may arise if you keep delaying phimosis treatment.

Recurrent urinary tract infections- A tight foreskin, as in phimosis, is difficult to retract. This makes the area under the foreskin a favorable breeding ground for a variety of microbes, which can then enter the urinary tract and cause infections there. Therefore, if you delay the medical treatment of phimosis, you may find yourself enduring the troubles of urinary tract infections quite frequently. 

Problems during sexual intercourse- Sex with phimosis can be a bit discomforting and frustrating. Firstly, phimosis can result in painful erections and you may experience pain during the sexual activities as well. Moreover, the inability to retract the foreskin makes sexual encounters less pleasurable for men because male sexual pleasure is a result of the glans penis rubbing against the walls of the vagina.

Inflammation of the foreskin and the head of the penis- Microbial attack under the foreskin can result in infections. This can cause inflammation of the foreskin (posthitis), the glans penis (balanitis) or even both the foreskin and the glans (balanoposthitis). These conditions are quite painful and thus can add a lot to your misery.

Risk of the foreskin getting stuck – Paraphimosis- While trying to retract the foreskin forcefully with phimosis, it is very much possible that the foreskin can get stuck and form a tight ring around the penis. This condition is known as paraphimosis and is an emergency medical condition. It obstructs blood flow to the glans penis and if not tended to in time, can result in necrosis and gangrene in the penis.

More prone to the transmission of HIV- Men with phimosis are more prone to contracting sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, HPV, gonorrhea, syphilis or genital warts. This is because the microbes can thrive for a long time under the foreskin, and the skin cells under the foreskin can act as entry points for these viruses. And it’s not just the male who is at risk, the female partners are also at an increased risk of STIs.

Increased risk of penile cancer- Phimosis is one of the major risk factors for penile cancer. The reason is not known completely, but experts believe that it may have to do something with smegma build-up under the foreskin. In most men with prolonged phimosis, a thick substance builds up under the foreskin. This is called smegma and may contain compounds that cause penile cancer. 

Phimosis is, without a doubt, a cause of concern. But you must know that it is 100% curable. The only thing you need to do is to consult a doctor in time. The sooner you seek medical consultation, the less complex the treatment will be.

How to treat phimosis?

Depending upon the severity of the condition, the treatment options for phimosis can range from simple home remedies to ointments to surgical procedures. 

Ointments for phimosis usually include corticosteroids, which loosen the foreskin and thus make it easier to retract. Steroidal ointments are quite successful in about 80% of the mild cases of phimosis. However, in severe cases, they may fail to provide relief so, therefore, its recommended to Get The Best And Painless Circumcision In Delhi

Surgery for phimosis

In such a condition, undergoing the surgical procedure of circumcision is the best option. Circumcision is a medical procedure that involves the removal of the foreskin layer from the penis. This treats the existing phimosis and also prevents its recurrence completely.

The procedure of getting the foreskin removed certainly seems to be quite complex and painful. Therefore, it is quite normal to be apprehensive about circumcision. But now, you can undergo the circumcision procedure in an absolutely painless and non-invasive manner.

Say goodbye to phimosis through painless laser circumcision

Laser circumcision is a high-precision state of the art procedure that removes the foreskin layer from the penis without carrying out any incisions, cuts or stitches on the body. The surgeon uses high intensity laser energy for the purpose and thus you won’t feel any pain during the entire procedure. It takes about 20 minutes or so to remove the tight foreskin from the penis

There is no bleeding involved, and the surgery is 100% safe and complication-free. It is a daycare procedure, which means that you can even go home on the same day. The downtime is short and the recovery is very smooth. You’ll be good to go back to your routine life in less than a week.

Due to the advantages and convenience of laser circumcision, a number of hospitals offer the procedure nowadays. One such reliable and trustworthy healthcare provider for the treatment of phimosis in Delhi and other major cities in India is Pristine Care. Pristine Care is associated with the best surgeons and hospitals in the country and uses USFDA approved technologies for the treatment of phimosis. So if you are looking for a good doctor and hospital for your phimosis problem, you can get in touch with them.

Take Away

Although due to social stigma phimosis is not discussed as openly as other ailments, it is a medical issue that can turn serious if you leave it untreated for a long time. Therefore, the wise decision is to consult a doctor, openly discuss your problem and then undergo the appropriate and timely medical treatment. Doing so will not only ease your troubles but also save you from any unprecedented and unwanted complications. 


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