Difference Between Electric and Manual Folding Arm Awnings

Difference Between Electric and Manual Folding Arm Awnings

When it comes to providing shade to your external place’s patio or porch, folding arm awnings are mostly used. They are classic, elegant and serve the core purpose brilliantly. However, most of the times, people are confused about whether to go for manual awnings or electrical awnings. Nearly anywhere, you can opt for any of them to make things work, but with a bit of research, you can choose either of them as per your customised needs and preferences.

What are the things to consider while choosing retractable folding arm awnings? In this blog, we will discuss some of them to give you better insight. Stay tuned!

What are the Differences betweenManual and Motorised Awnings?

The most obvious difference lies in their names. A manual awning must be raised and lowered by hand and a motorised folding arm awning uses a motor to do the same. There are a winch and pulley system that is used to raise and lower the awning. When it comes to fabrics, mostly there are a strong duct fabric or vinyl for both of the awnings.

When it comes to frames, they are also identical in both types of awnings, made of rigid vinyl, plastic or metal. Folding arm awnings provide a various benefits to your property.

The main difference between both the awnings is how they are lowered and raised. When you use manual folding arm awnings, they use a crank to be placed on a bolt or latch. Once it is done, you can move it to raise or lower the awning. On the other hand, the electrical model has a button, switch or remote control which raises or lowers the awning.

The Price Differences

A motorised awning will cost more than a manual awning. However, the size of the awning also plays a huge role when it comes to deciding the price. If you go for a manual folding arm awning that is twice the size of electrical awnings, it can cost you more. The main thing here is comfort. Electric awnings are more comfortable and convenient than manual awnings. If budget is not an issue for you, you should go for electric awnings.

In addition to that, the type of fabric also changes the cost of the awning. Adding the weather protection to the fabric might pile up the cost. Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain and is tougher too, but it costs more. Duct fabric is torn easily compared to vinyl and also can be stained and wears out quicker than vinyl. Many factors plays a huge role while buying a folding arm awnings.

Ability to Upgrade

If you have budget issues currently, you can go for manual awnings and later on, you can transform them into electrical awnings. However, it is important to know that the same is not possible with electric awnings. Even if you remove the power system from electric retractable folding arm awnings, you will not be able to open or close them manually.


When it comes to durability, manual awnings surpass electric awnings as they have no wires to rust or pulleys to damage. Both types of awnings are made of similar fabrics and frames.


Whether you choose electric or manual folding arm awnings, one thing that you need to remember is convenience. If you are not comfortable with manually opening and closing the awnings, you better opt for electric awnings.

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