DISH’s New 5G Service Will Be Different Than The Rest

DISH's New 5G Service Will Be Different Than The Rest

DISH officially made a declaration in 2021 to be the first telecommunications company that uses a public cloud for operating its services. This decision could launch DISH to the forefront of internet and mobile network services as it intends to offer 5G that will be a bit different than what other companies offer.

Working With a Large Partner

Another decision made by DISH in 2021 was to work with Amazon in order to get the 5G part of its plan in action. The service will be based on the Amazon Cloud Services that the company provides with the initial launch taking place in Las Vegas before the end of the year. If the launch is a success, then DISH could launch its 5G service in other states soon after the first of 2022. The goal is to get the service available to most of the country by 2023.

Open Radio Access Network is a new network that DISH has designed as well. The program utilizes software that’s available as a way to operate various functions of the cloud system. This should decrease the use of equipment that customers have been using and that DISH has been using, saving money overall if the process is a success. With low latency, customers could see faster connections when playing games online and better advertising quality for businesses. Another benefit of the service would be that a robot could be operated remotely if one is needed in an emergency.

Open Radio

This type of program allows providers to be able to share the hardware and software needed to deliver services to customers. Small businesses could tap into this partnership and offer 5G services to customers as well at a lower price. The United States hopes that the decision to offer this type of program will increase the competition among providers after some bans have been put in place.

After DISH purchased Boost in 2020, it launched the company as one of the top providers in the country. DISH has provided customers with faster services, but it’s still not as fast as Verizon and AT&T. This is where the partnership with Amazon comes into play so that the two companies can use each other’s networks and equipment to increase speeds. It’s believed that the cloud network that DISH plans to use will result in more customers for the company while shaping the business to be one that is desired.

The partnership with Amazon could provide customers with access to their AT&T services through DISH and Amazon so that there are more options. AT&T would then be able to use some of the satellite services offered by DISH to enhance its connections as well.

Investing in the Future

Billions have been spent by DISH to build its 5G network and to enter into the partnership with Amazon. When DISH took over the Boost brand, it meant that the company would be able to use some of the T-Mobile satellites that are available until the partnership ends. After Las Vegas has been launched with 5G for customers, DISH wants to begin connecting large cities at first before adding rural areas to the list. AT&T will offer roaming services for DISH customers if they are unable to connect even if DISH is the primary provider for internet, phone, and television in the home or business.


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