DIY Plumbing Tips You Must Know

DIY Plumbing Tips You Must Know

Plumbing issues occur in every home, and it needs professional help to fix such problems. People don’t face plumbing problems in new homes, but they are common in old homes as well as rented houses. Sometimes it becomes difficult to handle the issues such as leaking pipes or broken taps until a professional plumber arrives for help.

Every family should know some DIY tips to fox the plumbing problems at home. Knowing some tips can help you to fix the common issues and can also save you money. This post shares some useful DIY tips to fix the common plumbing problems at home.

Unclog the drains with a plunger

It is best to use the strainers on the drains to keep the soap, hair, and debris from entering into them. However, in the case of clogged pipes, you can use a plunger to unclog them easily. You can also open the sink from the bottom to allow the debris and other particles to get out of the drain. However, you will need to place an empty bucket under the sink to collect the debris and water.

Know the shut off valves

Every tap and pipe in your house connect to a shut-off valve. To fix some plumbing issues, you need to cut off the water supply to a faucet, hose or sink. These shut off valves can help you to cut off the water supply in case of plumbing issues. If you don’t know the locations of the shut-off valve, take the help of a plumber such as plumber in Newmarket to understand the same

Flushing the toilet

Sometimes flushing the toilet using the flush tank does not clean it effectively. You need to fill half a bucket of water and dump it into the toilet to clean it more effectively. Some people do it regularly to keep their toilet clean all the time.

Use thread tape to fix the leaks

Thread tape is useful to set the leaking taps and pipes in a home. It is used between the pipes and joints to prevent the leakage of water. When the thread tape gets worn the water starts leaking from the taps and fittings. If you have some tools like wrench and pliers, you can open the tap or joint in pipes and replace the thread tape to insulate them and prevent the leakage.

Fix the showerhead for issues

If you have a leaking showerhead, you can fix the same by using a thread tape. All you need is to open the showerhead by rotating it in the anticlockwise direction. You can turn it with hands, or you can use a wrench to open the showerhead. Then use the thread tape and reattach the showerhead in the clockwise direction.

Replace the parts inside a toilet tank

The toilet tank starts leaking after a few years as the flappers inside it get worn with time. You can easily replace the components inside a toilet tank. All you need is to open the tank and see which parts are worn. The common leaks are caused due to the worn flappers. You can replace the flappers or the entire kit inside the toilet tank, and it costs only a few dollars.

Use a wet-dry vacuum to unclog

You can unclog a drain of the debris using a drain snake, but if the clog is hard like a toy, toothbrush or any other object, you need to use a wet-dry vacuum. A plunger can make it difficult to remove as it pushes it deep into the drain.

A wet-dry vacuum can help you to suck out the object within a few seconds. You need to have the right adapter to remove the hard object with the vacuum. Hold the adapter firmly over the drain, and it will pull the culprit out of the pipe.

Replace the washer in the taps

Every tap has a rubber washer that prevents the leakage and helps to turn on and off the tap. When the washer gets worn, water starts leaking from the faucet even when it is closed. You need to remove the cap on the top and some internal parts to reach the washer.

Every make and model of the tap has a different mechanism, but they are very easy to open using a few tools like spanners and wrench. Open the faucet and take out the washer. Then buy the same washer from a sanitary store and put it in the tap to prevent the leakage. Fix the other parts, and you will be ready to use the tap.

Final words

You can use the above given DIY plumbing tips to fix the common issues at your home. However, some plumbing issues are challenging to address, for which you need professional help. You can search for a good plumbing service online and consult them for visiting your home. If you live in or around Stanmore, Sydney, you can find a plumber in Stanmore to fix the plumbing issues at your house. However, the DIY tips in this post are useful for fixing common plumbing problems.


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