Do your kids love sports car just the way you love?

Do your kids love sports car just the way you love

There are so many reasons to love a sports car, I know the word sports car is itself water your mouth and a spark in the eyes if you are a true lover, am I right? Well hold on here you greedy, because this time it’s not your wish, like and dislike I am talking about, but its time for your kids to experience the whoosh and room, similar to the real sports car.

Let’s dig a little into this phenomenon of the relationship between kids and the cars.

Have you ever realized what things kept you glued all the time with your toy cars when you were a kid? How obsessed you were with these toy cars? Yes, the reasons are not much different in this 21 century, whether it’s a sports car or a jeep, four wheels carrying you in high speed, the sound of the horn, paddling and accelerating, chasing and running and last but not the least the thirst of winning the race. Are not you thinking the same? Of course, you were.

Let’s get to the point and move towards the real deal I have brought for your kid, then we will see the size of this pie.

Ride on sports review


  • The most appealing physique
  • Children friendly driving modes
  • Easy to drive on sharper inclines
  • Comfortable and easy to drive
  • Perfect for one kid to drive alone
  • Real engine sound and loud horn


  • High shock to the driver when getting started

Indeed, this miniature version of a sports car is one of the best cars for kids you have ever come across. Cars has its own importance which cannot be drawn to any other toy for your kid. Especially if your kid is a boy then there is no substitute you can bring for him instead of a toy car, thus the ride on sports is the best choice to make when it comes to surprise your kid on his birthday or Christmas. This will not only the bumper prize but it is probably a great start for your kid to learn driving skills at an early age in the most enjoyable way.

Ride on sports is a key to the real thing from just the imagination for the amateur riders to another part of the world, it is something beyond the expectation we have from just four wheels cart or any ordinary car for kids to drive. Trust me, it will make not only a day but years of your kid and last long swayed on life.

Am I blabbering too much? Oh, my apologies I just can’t stop myself, let’s not waste your time anymore, check out its performance first.

Is it a poor, good or an average performer?

Ride on sports is nothing less than a show stopper. This car is amazing, performs just like its name and turn out to be a glamorous drive for the kids of 3 to 7 years old. Not everyone so lucky to have their hands on it.

Firstly, ride on sports has four power wheels which are capable enough to move up the hills with so much ease along with the weight of almost 66 lbs. of a kid, due to the rubber traction band that covers these wheels.

Secondly, ride on sports has two powerful motors attached with a rechargeable battery of 12V 7Ah, this battery needs to be charged before heading for the drive, it takes 8 to 9hours to get fully charged or you can leave them overnight, it will get boosted and ready for a morning adventure. However, once it is charged, this ride on sports provide a nonstop ride for 2 hours and keep your kid engaged.

Thirdly, ride on sports has two modes of driving, which are extremely easy for the kid of 3 years old to handle. They are; driving through the steering wheel along foot pedal, that is the manual way, whereas the other way is to control the car through the remote controller by the guardian of the kid, with two different speeds of 2mph and 4 mph.

If we sum up and rate its performance, then this car is more then just good with 8.5 rating in terms of performance assessment.

How does it look like?

As I have told you earlier, this car is a diminutive sports car not only by its performance but it has proved to be the best car for kids by its exposure too. Its build is bulky and has a shiny surface, the body is purely made up of ABS plastic material. This car for kids has a length of 44 inches, a width of 23 inches and 24 inches of height; pretty expensive look at an acceptable price.

Can you imagine a car for kids without music and lights? The answer will be no. Following this, ride on sports is fully equipped with music and mini LED light that collaborates wonderfully with its performance and sporty looks.

The music system consists of MP3 player with aux cord and FM radio, you can connect your smartphone, iPad or tablet to fill the speakers with the favorite song of your kid that enhance the joy of the ride. Further, this mini sports car is decorated with mini LED multi-color lights, flashes at every twist and turn of the car while driving and adorn its beauty and charm.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is very safe for the kid of 3 years old and above. It meets all the safety standards, required for keeping the kid away from any harm whether you are present or in absence of the supervision of the adult.

The first and most important feature is the parental control system of 2.4 GHz. This controller is held by the parent standing almost 15 feet away, helps to control the speed in case your kid is not capable to drive and regulate the car by himself, then remote control is in stand by to control the situation before it’s too late.

Further, there is an adjustable safety seat belt, holds your kid safely on its place and keep them from falling off the seat in case of any misadventure that might happen. Whereas, the seat is itself quite spacious with 12.5 inches width and 7 inches depth, extremely comfortable for full two hours of the ride.


In spite of being the most luxurious sports car, it do have some drawbacks, for instance, when the engine gets started a good amount of shock is noticed due to lack of gradual acceleration system, which might be harmful to the kid of such a small age, although, this can be ruled out once the kid get acquainted with it.


How are you feeling now after going through sporty features this car offers? Is it not an amazing toy for your kid? Yes, it is. Its real engine sound and loud horn give a real driving experience to your kid and the most stylish display is not less than an extra cheese, nevertheless, this car is best suited for the kids of age 3-7 years old, yet, needs strong monitoring of an adult.


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