Doctor appointment booking apps are so beneficial apps to explore doctors, schedule, and book appointments with concerned doctors. The health care sector is on the rise these days and many of the institutions are opting for the digital way.
Health care service providers with the help of mobile app development Dubai, they are trying to capitalize on these mobile app trends. They are creating these apps in an innovative way with mobile app development Dubai to connect with their patients and other uses. Let us know some statistics which help us understand better the use of mobile app development of this app.

Presently there are about 97,000 fitness and health mobile applications available worldwide.

About 52% of smartphone users gather health-related information through mobile apps.

About 15% of 18 to 29-year-old people already have healthcare mobile apps that are installed on their smartphones.

About 8% of 30 to 49-year-old people have these mobile app downloads.

Almost 40% of doctors trust these mobile apps can minimize on-site visits to clinics.

Benefits of doctor appointment booking apps

The benefits a doctor can have with these apps are online appearance, self-promotion and they can work remotely.
The benefits patients can have are they don’t need to wait in a queue to meet a doctor. Patients can directly stand out to doctors by just one tap on the mobile app. These apps help the patient in cost-saving and time efficiency.

Features of doctor appointment booking apps

Doctor and clinic search

With this feature patients can search for doctors and clinics based on different criteria such as expertise, clinic or doctor’s name, waiting time, travel fees, etc.

Stakeholders profile

The user profile will have the user’s name, age, gender, and basic medical data such as height, weight, blood type, and more. And the doctor’s profile will contain details of their area of expertise, clinic location, appointments, names of the concerned hospital, and fees.


Tracking is one of the vital features with which users are allowed to track heart rate blood pressure monitoring glucose level calories pulse and more. Doctors can also keep a track of the patient’s health progress.


Payment is also one of the vital features a mobile healthcare app has which allows patients to pay for medical services and insurances. There is also an option for online payment which many people are opting for today.

Location tracking

With GPS tracking, patients can search for the doctors in their area of residence or work conveniently.

Appointment booking

This feature allows us to find doctors and book a hassle-free appointment. Doctors can accept or reject the appointments as per their availability.
Doctor review
Doctors with good reviews and ratings will have more patient interaction than with the doctors with no ratings and reviews.

Costs of doctor appointment booking app

The cost of mobile app development Dubai for doctor appointment booking apps mainly depends on its functionality and features.
In brief, the price of mobile app development Dubai will be around $100,000.

So here we saw all the benefits, features, and costs of having a doctor appointment app. DXB apps are the right choice for the success of your mobile application. Mobile app development Dubai enables users to meet their specific appointment booking needs.


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