How to Increase Computer Security And Stop Cyber Attacks?

How to Increase Computer Security And Stop Cyber Attacks

We’ve witnessed how cyber criminals expanded the territory from targeting business organizations to attacking government institutions in an ever-threatening world of online crime. It has made one thing quite clear- No one is safe. The shift in momentum shows us the way forward. The recent attacks have set a bar with computers getting hijacked, the ransom asked and lawlessness crippling the entire system. It all sounds crazy and taken from a crime thriller movie. We’re at the risk of losing information and probably life-earnings in the hands of wrong people. There is no happy ending like movies.

Our focus is on gathering knowledge and doing everything possible to enhance computer security against cyber crimes. The first part of the solution is to know the nature of threats and ways to stop playing into the hands of cyber attackers. Assured bridge and other relevant sites provide information on the latest threats, functioning and tips to secure the system. You’ll get all the information in one place.

We’ll begin securing our machines by building an understanding of the latest threats such as Ransomware.

Ransomware: Held at gunpoint to pay or lose critical data

The situation isn’t any different from abduction or hijacking in the real world. Hackers gain access to your computer and disturb the functioning procedure. The screen will have ads popping up every second. The next thing you know is you cannot access some files. Hackers have been successful in hacking the system. The infected emails, corrupt websites or dubious software installed are all a part of the process to gain access. They break, disturb and threaten with deletion of data in case of failure to pay the ransom.

What to do next?

The options are making the payment, refusal to pay the hackers and holding the ground to see what happens next. The security experts believe paying the ransom is no guarantee of ever getting those files back and falling further into darkness. The hackers would make every attempt to extract as much as possible, once they know the victim is desperate to get the data back. The amount of ransom is again a puzzle depending upon the severity of the situation, case. The last hope the law enforcement agencies and victims had was to trace the money. Hackers got themselves secure there too. They ask for crypto currency to have any chances of being found or linked with any wrongdoing.

All is not lost. The best option is to store your data on an external device to keep it secured. The off-site back up option is the right way to fight against cyber crime and criminals. It’s not possible to negotiate or retrieve files without agreeing to their demands.

The following are the best options to secure your computer against cyber attacks. We should always remember basic rules provide maximum security and it costs nothing extra.

Best to Ways to Enhance Your Computer Security to Stop Cyber Attacks

Two Step Authentication Process

You need to have multiple options to secure the accounts. Most of the popular email service providers and social networks provide a two-step authentication process. You need to select a device where you can receive the ‘Verification code’ to access the account. It makes it extremely difficult for hackers to break this method.

The way it works is you’ll receive a code to complete the login process. You would have a couple of seconds, not more than a minute at most, to use it. You need to get a new code after the time period is over.


Trust Established Sources to Install Software

We often install software for various purposes. The system always asks for our permission before downloading it. You need to be sure about the source to protect the computer against cyber risks. There is another part of this discussion. You’d have come across ads asking you to click on the link to scan the system of any virus. We recommend staying away from such pop-up ads. It’s a scam to make you click on the link and gain unauthorized access.

Hackers continue coming up with new ways to trick people. They ask people to install a missing font or update the existing software by displaying fake ads. You know what you need to do as these are not the official updates.

Stay Alert of In-Browser Extensions

We all use extensions to make our work easier. Some of these extensions are indispensable in nature. The reason we highlighted the point is that some extensions are meant to fetch data without your knowledge. You need to check everything before you install an app. The malicious extensions work as another infected software. They capture data and retrieve information from files.

We expect the users to have complete knowledge of apps installed in the system. It’sbetter to check it thoroughly to avoid any confusion later on. You can visit the ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Extensions’ to have the list on the screen. You should delete the ones you don’t recognize.

Schedule Virus Scans

The anti-virus system runs the scan periodically. You can always go ahead and schedule a scan if you’ve opened a suspicious ad or link unintentionally. The latest software scans the system daily to leave nothing up to chance. You should pick the anti-virus which offers protection against all kinds of threats to secure the machine.

Get Acquainted with Latest Information on Phishing Scam

Our online behavior plays a crucial part in keeping us safe from cyber attacks. The phishing scams fool people by using a fake copy of a trusted site, enticing people to click and follow further instructions. Our behavior can save us against any such attacks by paying close attention, following basic rules. We keep on talking about the importance of following basic rules and should not be missed or skipped at any cost. You should verify the source before

registering or sharing details. The things you could check is the logo, vocabulary, email structure and the list of recipients of the mail. The NIST email security points also make a part of hygienic online behavior.


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