Everything you need to know before you make Hawaiin Airlines Reservations:

It is advisable to know everything in detail before you make a firm decision to fly with any airline. If you are wondering to make Hawaiian Airlines reservations then you must know the baggage policy, cancellation policy, routes, and much more to avoid any surprises or disappointments. In this article, you will be able to some facts of Hawaiin Airlines.

Just like all the airlines, Hawaiian Airlines also has some partnerships. One of the main partners is JetBlue Airlines that helps it exchange tickets from larger destinations. JetBlue Airlines help Hawaiian Airlines by linking up with Virgin Australia and Japan Airlines by contributing extra connecting flights to the towns across the Pacific Ocean. This marketing strategy is helping Hawaiian Airlines to grow further.

When it comes to the competitors of Hawaiian Airlines then they are Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines because they merely follow the exact paths. Some of the airlines also have comparable baggage fee to Hawaiian like United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines. The checked baggage fee is said to be $30 for the first bag and it is $40 for the second bag if the flight is between the mainland and Hawaii. But if the flight is domestic to Hawaii then the Hawaiian Airlines charges $25 for the first checked baggage and $35 for the second checked bag. Though it is not true for Southwest Airlines, as it allows its passengers two checked bags free of cost on all the paths. When it comes to United Airlines, it allows its passengers of Basic Economy a petite personal belonging. All the flights of Hawaiian Airlines permit the passengers to bring a carry-on bag as well as a personal belonging.

If you are wondering why to choose Hawaiian Airlines then let us tell you that unlike all the other flights, Hawaiian will provide a hot meal to the passengers even if they are flying in the Economy class. If you have noticed then it is generally a small snack on the rest of the airlines. FYI, the famous airlines like United Airlines do not provide meals on the flights that are more than elven hours like a flight from Newark. But when it comes to Delta Airlines and American airlines, they do provide a meal on some selected tracks to Hawaii.

Difference between Main Cabin basic and the Main Cabin fares

Recently, Hawaiian Airlines has launched Main Cabin Basic that is a version of the Basic Economy. When it was launched initially, it was only launched for limited routes. Now it has been extended to a vast network of the Hawaiian Airlines that is routed between Hawaii and the mainland US. Now Hawaiian is ready to provide low fares to its patrons who are flying between the US towns and Hawaii with the help of Main Cabin Basic Fares.

Though the baggage fee is exactly the same as the regular Main Cabin Fare, but there are some limitations for boarding, flight changes and selection of seats. This is not it, as the passengers who have made Hawaiian Airlines booking for the Main Cabin Basic will not be able to change or upgrade their ticket in any case, not even for a chargeable amount. The patrons of this cabin do not even have the flexibility of selecting a seat also while they are making a reservation. It has been noticed that the passengers had to wait until the seats were assigned to them at the gate. FYI the patrons of this cabin will be the last one to board the flight because they will not be given the benefit of priority boarding neither they will be eligible for Pualani Elite bonus miles. Yet the passengers can qualify for standard miles but not on the partner airlines with Hawaiian Airlines flight.

In case the passengers of Hawaiian Airlines have a hold of the World Elite Mastercard then they can use all the advantages of it even while having a Main Cabin Basic Ticket as they benefit of a checked bag free of cost. Though the master cardholder will get benefits like a free checked bag and priority check-in, but they will not qualify for ticket change or up-gradation whatsoever.

Hawaiian Airlines Booking Procedure

If you are willing to make Hawaiian Airlines reservations then you can locate it on the major OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) also. You do not have to worry about the ticket price as it is the same with the OTAs as well. For the passengers looking for connectivity on the other airways, they will not be able to find it on the Hawaiian Airlines but will be available on the third party sites. We suggest comparing the price of the ticket with at least three sites in order to find the best deal possible.

  • Once you are on the Hawaiian Airlines Reservations page, you will have to go to the section that says “From” and “To” located on the home page in order to enter the journey which you are willing to take.
  • After you have entered your starting point and the destination of the journey then you will have to click on the option of “Continue”.
  • Now you will have to select the dates on which you wish to travel by simply hitting on the “Price Calendar” which is situated under the option of “Search Flights”. If you face any difficulty, you can merely click on the arrows that will help you navigate through different months of the calendar and simply choose the date according to your preferences.
  • After you have selected your dates of travel you will be asked to make a selection on the type of cabin you wish to fly. There will be options of Main Cabin, Main Cabin Basic, First Class fares and Extra Comfort. In case you make a selection on the option of Main Cabin Basic then you will be asked to accept the limitations that will come along with the fare type selected.
  • Now you will be asked to make a selection on the seat according to your choice. For the passengers who go for the Main Cabin Basic fare, they will be asked to renew the fare type to Main Cabin Fare as this facility is not available in the selected fare type.  If you do not wish to make that up-gradation please select the option of “No Thanks” to deny for the same.
  • In case you have unexpected changes in your way that made a change in your plans then you do not have to worry as you can cancel the Hawaiian Airlines booking within 24 hours of the purchase to avoid any cancelation fee. This policy is applicable to all fare types selected.

Inflight experience with Hawaiian after making Hawaiian Airlines Reservations

The patrons who have made Hawaiian Airlines booking will be given the following inflight services:

  • All the passengers of Hawaiian Airlines will get a meal free of cost along with the island-style refreshments and snacks.
  • For entertainment, the patrons will be given free streaming on their devices with the help of the Hawaiian Airlines app. The app needs to be downloaded prior to the take off to enjoy the facility.
  • The passengers of Hawaiian will never feel bored as the seat back screens are full of HD movies, shows, albums, series, games and much more to keep them entertained throughout the flight.
  • The passengers who made Hawaiian Airlines Reservations for the Economy class will not be able to enjoy the legroom as it is hardly 30 inches to 31 inches.
  • The legroom of the “Extra Comfort” cabin will get some extra space as compared to the Economy class. The premium cabins are considered to be the most comfortable than all.
  • There is no Wi-fi facility on the Hawaiian Airlines till now.
  • The aircraft like Airbus A330 and Airbus 321 neo have better comfort in terms of seatings.
  • The more upgraded cabin selected by the passenger the more comfort, better legroom, priority services, and additional facilities will be provided.
  • The passenger of the Premium Cabin will be able to enjoy the gourmet meals and relax on the lie-flat seats. They will also have lounge access along with world-class service.

In a nutshell, you will not regret making Hawaiian Airlines booking as the airline will be providing its passengers the world-class hospitality along with free meals. The staff will be dedicated to making you feel comfortable and relaxed. The passengers flying to Hawaii or passing by Hawaii then it is advisable to check out the Hawaiian Airlines as you will be able to enjoy some good deals and offe


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