Factor to consider before visiting Gangtok

If you are a nature lover who would like to attend a place characterized by mountains and other beautiful surroundings, then Gangtok or a visit to Sikkim should be the place for you.  Many people who visited the little town of Gangtok termed it a paradise and expressed their desire to go back. 

A visit in Gangtok just like the visit to Sikkim will expose you to the best of natural environment and beautiful people as well. However, there are some things you may need to know before planning a visit in Gangtok to ensure you enjoy the trip there, below are some of them.

Find out about the required permits

Gangtok has got so many restricted areas where you will get required to show to provide travel proofs. To visit such fields you may be required to obtain protected area permit before accessing these areas. If you are a foreigner, then you will get issued with an area permit that will last around 60 days 

Ensure to stay warm

Gangtok experiences cold weather for the better part of the year. If you are on a visit to Gangtok, then you will be required to carry with you woolen clothes regardless of the time you intend to visit. These woolen clothes will help you to stay warm during the stay in the town and even during that time when you may choose to travel to high altitudes when hiking.

Respect the Gangtok culture

If you are visiting Gangtok, then you should get prepared to adhere to the different and diverse cultures of the town just like it is with a visit to Sikkim. The town also gets packed with traditions, especially during cultural festivals. In whatever you do during these times, ensure you don’t offend the residents of the city as this offense might lead to a conflict between you and the residents.

Observe safety during your adventure activities

If you are an adventure junkie, then Gangtok the right place for you. If you visit the town, you will get the assurance of hiking to paragliding among many other adventure activities.  However, if you wish to experience any of these activities, then you will get required to book a licensed tour operator to help you out with everything you may need. 

The tour guide you choose will provide you with all the required safety gear together with the right guidance during this experience.

No airports in Gangtok

If you intend to travel to Gangtok by plane, then you may have to change your plans. The reason for this is that there are no airports in Gangtok. Most people who travel to Gangtok have to land at the Bagdogra airport which gets located at a considerably longer distance of 126km away from Gangtok. 

From here, you may now have to take a taxi, but there is the option of sharing a cab with some other travelers to reduce the cost. 

Avoid traveling to the town during the rainy season

The Gangtok and Sikkim regions experience massive landslides during the rainy season. Thee landslides will make it very hard for you to commute from one place to another. You may also not be able to visit your preferred attractions during the rainy season of the year. 

However, if you are one of those individuals who are very economical, then the rainy season should be the right time for you to visit on Gangtok. The reason for this is because most people consider this period to be an offseason period, and as a result, they charge cheap for services and accommodation.

Sharing will save you money

The Gangtok taxis are costly but easy to find. If you are in Gangtok and traveling on a tight budget, then you may have to share the taxis with some other adventures to cut you some costs and also find time to interact with the locals.

Try to adjust to frequent climate changes

If you visit in Gangtok and choose the Nathula pass, then you may have to take some time and adapt to the climatic changes of the region. If you are unfortunate to be suffering from altitude sicknesses, then you need a minimum of two days to adapt to the environment adequately.

Most people who travel around this area experience frequent headaches and breathing problems due to the surrounding climate.

Conclusion : If you are planning on a visit in Gangtok, then you should consider the tips mentioned above keenly to ensure everything goes entirely right just like you would on a visit to Sikkim.


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