Fall Essential Items You Can’t Live Without

Fall Essential Items You Can’t Live Without

Summer is over, and it’s starting to feel a bit chillier every morning. We’ve traded in our flip-flops for sneakers, and we’re putting on hoodies over our tee shirts. It’s time for campfires, horror movies, and caramel apples. It’s also a time for change. The colder weather brings its demands, and it also presents an opportunity for new hobbies and better habits.

There are any number of items you can use to make the transition to winter go more smoothly. Here’s a short list of essential fall items that will make your autumn more pleasant. Let’s get started!

A Cozy Fleece Jacket

When the temperature starts dropping, you might be rolling out an old jacket or fleece from last year. And it might turn out that your old gear is no longer up to standard. Maybe it’s out of style. Maybe there’s a stain you got last year at the end of the season. Maybe it’s just starting to look a little worn out. Regardless, now is a great time to get yourself a nice new fleece or hoodie. You’ll be warm in the outdoors, and you’ll feel better about yourself wearing nice new clothes. And don’t get distressed if it’s late in the season. You might have fewer options, but that’s when you’ll see some of the best discounts.

But why stop with a fleece or a jacket? Any time is a good time to go over the rest of your wardrobe. Maybe you want a new sweater or sweatshirt to keep warm. Maybe you need a solid new pair of winter boots, with some comfortable knee-high compression socks. While you’re at it, you could snag a few pairs of wool socks to last you through the winter. The point is, that there are plenty of ways to build your cool-weather wardrobe besides only swapping in a new fleece.

Revamp Your Music Collection

Not all change has to be weather-related. For example, spring cleaning doesn’t have anything to do with spring, although the warm weather does allow you to air out your house. It’s just traditional to do a deep cleaning in the spring, and it’s something people do to this day. The same goes for New Year’s resolutions and similar annual traditions.

Similarly, you can look at the change in season as an opportunity to make changes in other areas of your life. You can start working out, which is always a good idea. You could try cooking new foods, to switch up your meal experiences. Or, you could take this time to go through your music collection and make some essential additions.

For example, how long has it been since you checked in on your favorite artist? If it’s been a couple of years, there’s a good chance they’ve dropped a new album you don’t know about. Another idea is to try genres you’ve never experienced before. If you’re a rock person, try buying some pop music. If you only ever listen to metal, grab a few jazz albums to change things up. You never know what you might end up enjoying.

Consider Some Creature Comforts

If you’re not content with your home, you could always go to a service like Homelister and sell it. But unless you’re interested in moving, that’s probably a drastic move. Instead, why not snag a few creature comforts to make things more cozy?

There are several ways to go about this. For one thing, you could invest in a new set of comforters, or a mattress topper to make your bed more comfortable. Buy a new set of curtains, or hang some new pictures to add some color to your space. If that’s not in the cards, even a nice set of scented candles can make your home’s ambiance more pleasant.

Of course, you could also invest in some items that are designed for your personal use. A Bubbly Belle soap bar collection could be just the thing you need to relax at the end of a long day. Another thing you could do is invest in some healing crystals. If you’re into that kind of thing, it can relieve a lot of tension and stress.

Fall Cooking Supplies

In the autumn, outdoor cooking is at its best. Sure, a summer barbecue sounds nice. But when it’s 95 degrees in the shade and you’re slaving over a hot grill, you start craving the cooler days of fall. When there’s a nip in the air, the heat from your cooking becomes a pleasant source of warmth. Instead of sweating in the heat, the most comfortable spot is right next to the grill.

Then again, who said grilling was the only way to cook outdoors? Nowadays, we have more options than ever for preparing our food in any environment. For example, you can find an outdoor pizza oven that can bake a pie right on your patio table.

You can also invest in some supplies for indoor cooking. Thanksgiving is coming up, so make sure you’ve got a good roasting pan, as well as casserole dishes and everything else you’d need. Not only that, but fall is the perfect time of year to take up canning. After all, there’s no time like the present!

Allergy Meds

For many people, fall comes with a spike in seasonal allergies. This is because many species release their pollen in the fall, particularly annuals which are completing their reproductive cycle before the first frost. But when you’re sneezing and wheezing and your eyes feel like somebody threw itching powder into them, it’s tough to enjoy anything in life. And if you want to enjoy a beautiful fall hike, you’ll need to bring a box of tissues with you.

Thankfully, modern science has given us plenty of solutions to this problem. No longer do you need to take Benadryl and pass out just to make your allergies go away? Brands like Claritin and Allegra offer a non-drowsy alternative that can alleviate your symptoms without making you fall asleep. And for the kids, there are many choices, like a clean alternative to children’s Zyrtec.

Change Your Beauty Regimen

The changing weather doesn’t just affect how we feel. It also affects our appearance. Famously, the cold, dry air tends to make your hair get straight or frizzy. But if you love your curly locks, you don’t have to spend all winter hiding your head. Instead, you can invest in some cosmetic solutions, like curly hair tips, which can help you maintain your natural look.

Another area of your appearance that the weather can affect is your skin. And once again, it comes down to the fact that the air is cooler and dryer on average than it is in the summer months. This can cause your skin to get dry and chapped. So step up your game with a good moisturizer that keeps your skin moist and protected. If you’re already moisturizing, you might still notice your skin getting dry. In that case, you might need to switch to a more potent moisturizer for the cold weather. When it warms up again, you can switch back to whatever worked for you in the summer.


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