Tips On Finding A Quality Accident Attorney

If you’ve been in the unfortunate event of an accident, the next step you’ll have to take is to find an accident lawyer who’ll represent you and your case. Whether you’re new to this or not, we’ve compiled a guide from experts, to aid you as you look for the right accident attorney. 

Steps To Find An Accident Lawyer 

Firm Track Record 

Advertisements should not be interchanged with a track record. These two factors are very different in terms of what they actually imply. There are numerous law firms who spend tons on advertising as a way to garner streams of clientele. However, this doesn’t necessarily equate to having a good track record at hand. 

So, go the extra mile of learning about different firms’ track records. It’s not enough that they’re established and have been around for years and decades. You’ll have to dig into the number of wins they’ve achieved for, at least, the majority of cases they’ve handled. And how often they receive requests for representation.

Additionally, be wary of firms who suggest that their associates visit you instead of you going to their office. Drop by their office for you to have a sense of their professionalism and expertise. It’s also a method for you to have an in-person look on certifications and licenses they should be able to show you without delay.

Lawyer Experience 

Here’s where you have to make the distinction between the track record of the firm as a whole and that of the individual lawyer who will be assigned to your case. It’s okay to ask about his or her experience, especially with cases similar to yours. Well-known personal injury law firms tend to employ a large number of lawyers. The fact remains that they usually reserve the youngest, most inexperienced to accident cases (most often than not). 

If this becomes the concurrent deal, solicit the possibility for them to assign someone with tenure, and has had countless injury cases in their portfolio. Not to put down younger associates but this is one technique for you to be closer to an assurance of being represented well. 

Courtroom experience will be a plus, too. Though such cases don’t frequently require courtroom representation as they don’t end up being moved up that way. It will still be an assurance on your end, knowing that your lawyer has courtroom experience and will be able to effectively plead your case in that setting, should it be warranted.

Number Of Cases At A Time 

Thirdly, inquire about how many cases the associates tend to handle at every single time. When it comes to small cases such as “injury/ accident”, they’re stacked in bulk and are given to prospective attorneys in one go. This means that the likelihood of them being able to focus on yours might be slim, the higher the volume of cases there are on their plate. 

This is where you’ll have to make the decision of going with a prominent firm but risking not being prioritized, or sticking to a lesser-known firm with lesser associates who are maybe more likely to have time to pour onto your case. 

Lawyer First Before Insurance Company 

A golden rule any qualified representative will advise you on is that you must not contact an insurance company until you’ve chosen the lawyer to represent your case. This is because insurance companies might have you go through settlements that will profit them more than you. So talk to your attorney first and draft a settlement that will benefit you according to your requirements, before contacting the insurance company. 


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