Foundation Makeup Tips for Different Skin Types

Foundation Makeup Tips for Different Skin Types

Foundation is your very first concern when you’re starting your makeup routine, and it lays the base for your entire face so it’s safe to say that it’s a pretty important step in the scheme of things! Far too many of us are kind of let down by our foundation, it doesn’t last, the undertone is off or it makes our skin react weirdly when we wear it for too long – not ideal at all when you’re investing in a product that’s supposed to be perfecting your skin! Put your foundation blues to a stop by following these tips for finding the right product for your skin type…


Oily skin types need to combat shine and look for formulas that will stay in place all day long. Medium to buildable liquid foundations will work if layered with a loose setting powder. If you don’t want to have to double up on product every day, look at grabbing yourself a cream to powder formula, it will glide on and blend smoothly, then set for a flawless powder finish that won’t budge throughout the day. If you really want to make sure your base isn’t going anywhere, be sure to layer a silicone-based primer underneath any foundation you apply.

Blemish Prone

This skin type naturally needs higher coverage foundation formulas. Avoid liquid foundation here as it will likely not provide the concealing factor that you’re looking for. Instead, opt for a whipped or cream formula that will glide on smoothly and layer beautifully with your favourite concealer. Be sure to always use a clean brush or sponge when applying makeup on blemish-prone skin, using your hands or dirty tools can worsen infections and encourage more blemishes to appear.


Those with dry skin should look for illuminating foundations in light liquid formulas that won’t highlight or catch on your dry areas. A light to medium coverage product with subtle reflective particles will be your best friend if your skin is on the dryer side. Use your hands for an extra nourishing kick of natural oils from your fingers.


Combination skin needs a multi-tasking hero product to restore some balance. Look for a medium coverage liquid formula in a natural skin finish to cater to oily and dry areas all at once. Remember, you can apply powder to specific areas of your face for more longevity.


Mature skin should use a very lightweight tinted moisturiser in a liquid or gel formula. This won’t set into fine lines and will bring a youthful glow to every face.


Skin that suffers from sensitivity is really going to benefit by using breathable mineral makeup. A finely milled mineral powder foundation is going to be the perfect match here. Apply with a sponge and buff if you feel you’re in need of extra coverage or opt for a loosely packed wide bristle powder brush for a lighter finish.

Uneven Skin Tones

Colour correcting has really come into its own in recent years, and those with an uneven skin tone or conditions such as rosacea are going to love a colour correcting foundation. If you have a tendency to get pink or red patches on your face, look for a correcting base product with a green tone to it. This will balance out the variance in tone and create a more even base, ready for makeup application! You’ll find correcting products in yellow, lilac and pink tones to balance with a range of conditions and concerns. You might have to layer a light dusting of skin-toned loose powder over this product to set it in place and ensure that all areas of your face blend seamlessly together.


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