Top 17 best free weather apps for your phone!

best free weather apps for your phone!

Find here the list of free weather apps for your android phone

It is pretty much essential to know the day-to-day weather forecast to avoid rain, storm, wind, sun or some other extreme weather conditions. With passing time, the smartphone weather widget and weather apps are improving themselves, and they are better than they have ever been. Previously our lives were dependent on newspapers and local news to get all sort of weather updates, but thankfully, those days are gone now. With just one click, now we can get all the updates, and the smartphone in our pockets can be used as a portable weather studio. A handy weather widget makes it even easier to know about the recent weather forecast and current conditions.

Please find some best below-given supported weather apps for Android and iOS:

Today Weather

It is one of the best weather apps, so far due to its data-rich UI, there are many weather apps available, so it is important to choose the best free weather apps. The design of the illustration of this application is awe-inspiring. All the accurate data concerning weather and forecast will be shown just in few second with the help of this app. When applying the dark theme of this app, and if you have an AMOLED screen, then perhaps this is the BEST app for your phone. The developers have put a lot of effort to build such an elegant UI. Against the dark mode, the colorful icons and data visuals make it easy to read at a glance.


To acquire the accurate weather forecast before going out, use this excellent weather application with your Android mobile and because of its data rich UI it is considered as one of the best weather apps for Android. Stuffed with lots of fantastic tools within just one app, it is successful in addressing all the weather-related information. The easy to read icons has enhanced the design a lot and made it easier for Android users. The application comes with all the standard features, such as a wide variety of forecasts, live radar, severe weather alerts.


It is one of the most well-known names in the weather game and due to its ease, it is considered as one of the best android weather app for the Android users. This app has everything from extended forecast to live radar. This app has one exciting feature, namely ‘MinuteCast’ which shows the precipitation every minute. This helps in showing when and for how long the rain starts and remains.

Dark Sky

Well, this isn’t a free app, and previously it was only available in iOS, but now it is available in Android as well. The yearly subscription is $2.99 for premium features which makes it a bit unpopular as not everyone is ready to pay for a weather forecast application. But, This app’s claim to fame is the “hyper-local” forecast.


One can also use Google search to get an update on the weather. It works as pretty handy weather checking application already built-in the handset. This won’t even occupy any space in the phone like other applications. Just like any other app, one can open the menu and pin the “application” to the home screen. For a simple weather update, this is probably the best android weather app today to check the details of weather forecasting.


This unofficial app shows the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s weather data. Its data is delivered to this app which the customer sees. This app is absolutely fantastic for the hardcore weather nerds; which have to be on their list. One can find features like the latest weather forecasts, hourly conditions, radar, and more. With this app, more than one city’s weather can be tracked. One of the drawbacks is that this app doesn’t show extreme weather conditions. This application is also having a free version and a paid version. And the free version is always best recommended.


It is one of the oldest apps to check live weather forecast in the city, yet it is one of the best apps for Android phone users. It is powered by ‘world’s largest network of professional weather stations’ as per their claims. It also shows heat index, pollen count, and UV index like features which are not available on other applications. This application is thus highly recommended for Android operating system users.

Weather Channel

This is one of the most recognized apps weather network in the world with some fantastic features in the application. Weather Channel is an Android app which has all the great features you can expect. It shows extended forecasts, current conditions, live radar maps, storm alerts, and all the details one can ever want to know about the weather forecast.

Weather Underground

This application is unique on its own. It uses the user-submitted weather data for accurate forecasts and hyper-local forecasts as well. Across the globe, there are above 180,000 climate channels which are included in Weather Underground application. To find out more on the newest weather information install Weather Underground app. It also tells about wind direction & speed, humidity, dewpoint and a lot more. The app keeps you up-to-date due to its customizable plugins which help in predicting any sort of weather threat.

Weather Wiz

Okay! This is currently one of the newest launched applications to know more on the weather forecast. The IBM weather company provides the weather update to this application. The design is probably the best so far, with lots of fun features and playful UI. Still, this app satisfies its customers in every way by providing the appropriate information on weather and approaching weather-related threats if any. So, if you’re tired of using some old applications, give this application a try. It won’t disappoint for sure.

MyRadar Weather Radar

In this given list, MyRadar Weather Radar is probably the simplest of all. It shows its customers a weather radar. The application also indicates animations from time to time; for example, rain coming and going. It is a simple application, but if required, for more features, customers can pay and buy the premium version. The application is almost similar to Dark sky if we compare the radar. So far it is the best. However, one can also keep other weather applications as well as it works best with another weather app so one can get the usual weather features as well.

Appy Weather

Appy weather, is another newest application in the list. This application is also available for free as well as in the paid version, which is $3.99 per year, if yu are looking for some free application option then you can consider this free weather apps for Android, which will be really effective. This application comes with some cool features being the newest among the other weather applications. This application has the most fashionable UI for its users and provides hyperlocal weather, but it uses Dark Sky’s API for now. This application will have other options in the near future. Though the application has some bugs in it, developers are working thoroughly to remove them and come up with brand-new updates for its users. But, this application is highly recommended for downloading due to its fashionable UI and unique features.


So, this application is the most expensive one in this list. But, this application comes in a free version as well. The yearly subscription is up to $7.49, which is pretty much expensive if one compares it with other applications. But this application has some classy features like sleeky design and minimal icons within the application, not so flashy and pop-up colours thus, making it one of the sophisticated applications among other weather applications. It shows the real-time weather data, 24-hour forecast, a seven days forecast, weather alters when there is any threat, comes with lots of themes, has various widgets, and many more. It is again pretty much similar to Dark Sky. So, customers can choose any of them. But, if one considers the UI, Overdrop is definitely the best.

Yahoo Weather

This application is probably the oldest, and yes, it is absolutely free of cost no matter which operating system the user is using, so you can look for this free weather app download. Up to 20 cities can be tracked by this application so far. From sources like Flickr, It shows gorgeous imagery. Though the application looks absolutely flashy, it still indicates proper weather updates. Since it is an elementary application, if one needs some more features, there are definitely other great applications in this list. One of the drawbacks of this application as per the customers there are too many ads in the application while weather forecasting.

YoWindow Weather

So this is another paid application for the premium membership in the list. There is a free version also available. But the price of a yearly subscription is $2.99, which is relatively cheap. This app is best for its UI. It is one of the unique application on this list. Quite flashy yet the best when considering the UI. One can move fingers across the UI to see the weather at any given point in the day. It is a worthy application for someone seeking simple yet blingy and flashy UI along with the latest weather updates.

What the forecast

Seriously, WTF? No, here WTF is What the Forecast. Yes! The perfect application to install in your smartphones to get the latest weather updates and any sort of emergency related to weather. Among the premium version application, so far it is the cheapest on the list. This application only charges $1.99 per year for the premium membership, yet this application is available in free as well. With quite a funky UI, this app gives you funny quips that describe the weather outside. For optional settings for profanity, this application boasts over 6600 phrases. Along with the seven-day forecast, this application has integration with AerisWeather, current temperature, the real feel, and more. So users! If your style is quirky and funky, do go for this app!


Well, there isn’t any iOS platform user who is not familiar with this application. Yes! Weather is the in-build application that comes exclusively with iOS only on Apple gadgets. It is the so far the best application for iOS users. Unfortunately, this application is not available in Androids smartphones. This application has a sophisticated look as we know iOS is known for its minimalism. It shows accurate weather forecast along with the seven-day forecast in advance. The application is fun to use as it uses animation within it, making it attractive. The themes change automatically according to the weather outside. So, this application is absolutely free as it is an in-built application.

After reading this article, I hope now users can select the best application as per their needs and style that goes with their phone.


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