Ganesha Paintings – Buy Lord Ganesha Paintings

Ganesha Paintings - Buy Lord Ganesha Paintings

Ganesha is the well-known God in Indian culture and also many Hindu societies.  He is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Along with India, his image is also found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, Fiji, Tobago, Trinidad, and Bangladesh. Before the start of any important event, Lord Ganesha is worshipped first for getting success in a particular task. People have a strong belief that he will destroy the obstacles and give the strength to fight with problems.

He is the Lord of all beings, including humans, and animals. He can be seen as an all-seeing God. The goddess of wisdom Vishnu-Yuga is also related to him. Ganesha is associated with The Great Goddess Lakshmi. Ganesha represents compassion, happiness, humaneness, and joy.

Ganesha, the elephant God of wisdom and creativity, carved millions of years ago, can be seen everywhere. Ganesha is even the subject of Hindu mythology and its depiction in art and temple architecture throughout the world is said to symbolize both wealth and peace. Sometimes known as the image of the father, Ganesha is said to be a sort of representation of all good qualities and life aspirations of mankind.

There are so many Ganesha temples, statues, artworks, and tattoos available in India. You can bring attractive and beautiful paintings to your home or office. It will impact the place positively where the Ganesha paintings or sculptures are worshiped.

Ganesha paintings are believed to ward off negative energy, and it generally wards off any type of bad situation. Ganesha paintings are made from high-quality clay. The ancient artists used this material to create paintings on golden wheels, which then bore the Ganesha which had an image of the god carved in the face.

The benefits of having Ganesha paintings are many and profound. Some of the ancient texts in India that emphasize the importance of Ganesha include the Sri Sankirtana, Atharva Veda, and Manu Smriti. Some of the ancient Indian greats such as Ganesha Ramaswamy, JnanadaSaraswati, Vishnu Swami, and Sri Swami Iyer, recommended Ganesha as the greatest icon of protection.

Use a Ganesha painting as the backdrop to a meditation scene in your home or office. Also, you can place it in your children’s room to make a respectful environment in front of them.  For children, introduce them to Ganesha by creating a mini-curiosity scene in their place or even set up a Ganesha installation or large paintings in a prominent position around your child’s bedroom, furniture, or kitchen. Talk to your kids about the Buddha or Ganesha. Ganesha is straightforward to learn, teach, and remember! Make sure that you don’t attach the Ganesha paintings in the bathroom, washroom, etc as it is considered as a bad omen.

There are thousands of Ganesha Paintings available online and offline. Many artists made excellent paintings that you can buy and tag in your favorite place or workplace.

Look at the different Ganesha Paintings and buy as many as you want. Pray in front of them daily, and you will notice improvement and get happiness in your life. Lord Ganesha will bless you!


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