How To Get The Most Value For Your Jewelry When Selling It To A Jewelry Buyer? 

How To Get The Most Value For Your Jewelry When Selling It To A Jewelry Buyer? 

Perhaps, you’re someone who has quite a vast jewelry collection. It’s something you truly love, and over the years, you’ve probably amassed quite a number of jewelry pieces. But now you’ve decided to let go of some, to make room for more. Or, perhaps there could be those pieces that no longer suit your style and preference. 

Whatever your reason is, selling your jewelry to a jewelry buyer is a serious thing not to take lightly. After all, you’re talking about investment pieces here, not merely any disposable item. It’s one of the best tangible assets to sell, given how its value consistently appreciates. And for that reason, it’s but a natural thing to want to have the most out of your pieces. 

In this article, you’ll come across insights on how to get the most value for your jewelry when selling it to a jewelry buyer. 

 Do A Lot Of Research Before Selling 

Much like any venture, research is always the key. And even if you’re going to sell to a reputable jewelry buyer, this doesn’t mean that research isn’t called for. You’ll still have to do a lot of research, especially in regards to the current selling price of the items you have for sale.  

Also, note that most jewelry buyers are going to try haggling the price. So, doing enough research can give you a good idea of the last price you can permit for when they haggle. Otherwise, you may be unknowingly saying ‘yes’ to a price that’s not giving you the best returns on your purchase.

Know What You’ve Got

Aside from the market price, the research you’ll have to do should also include the jewelry items’ specifications. Knowing what you’ve got enables you to make the best sales talk with a potential Orange County Jewelry buyer. And if it comes with supporting documents like specifications and whatnot, be prepared to have those ready as well.

In most cases, it’s not enough to simply meet up with a jewelry buyer and then hope to sell your jewelry. The more you know about what you’ve got, the higher the price you could demand. For instance, you can explain why it’s so special and convince your buyers why it’s worth its price.

Some of the information you’ll need to have includes:

  • The diamonds. Know the carat weight, clarity, and color grade. You can have insights on these typically through the certification it comes with, like an appraisal, the jewelry insurance you have, or a GIA diamond certification.
  • The time period. Do you have a modern jewelry piece? Or is it something considered antique or vintage?
  • The metal. What’s the band made of? Is it platinum? White gold? Rhodium? The karat weight of the metal also pertains to the gold’s purity.

Sell Affordable Pieces

Knowing the market pricing and the information about your jewelry pieces is one thing, and knowing who you’ll be selling them to is another. Even if you have beautiful, ultra-special jewelry pieces, if they’re too expensive to the point that your potential buyers may not be able to afford them, then you won’t be able to sell your jewelry items to buyers

– let alone have the most value for them. 

With this, consider starting with affordable pieces first, so you can still put quite a higher markup. Jewelry buyers who are interested in what you have will enjoy more opportunities to afford what you’re selling. 

 Offer Loyalty Discounts And Perks 

If you have a vast collection to sell quite frequently, then that’s when offering perks like loyalty discounts to jewelry buyers come in. This also applies when you’re selling fine jewelry. 

The allure of fine jewelry is always there, given the craftsmanship and the type of stones it has. Fine jewelry can often include rare gemstones and precious metals. Jewelry buyers often consider those as special investment pieces. They become heirlooms to pass to many generations, hence, a high demand and resale value as secondhand pieces.

So, to make the most money from your sales, offer loyalty discounts and perks to your consistent jewelry buyers. Chances are, you’ll have jewelry buyers frequently coming back to you for more purchases whenever you have more pieces to put up for sale. 

Clean All Your Jewelry Before Selling

Lastly, clean all your jewelry pieces before selling them. You can increase your jewelry’s marketability when your jewelry looks good and polished. Often, all it takes is a little clean for it to look shiny and new again, especially when you’re selling older jewelry pieces. 

More so, jewelry buyers can be persuaded to pay more for your jewelry items when they look their worth and value.

Wrapping Up

Jewelry has always been a part of society’s culture. Even thousands of years ago, jewelry was already bartered and sold by many merchants. And today, it has evolved to become one of the best investment pieces for those who love jewelry. 

So, if you’re a jewelry owner who now finds yourself wanting to sell some pieces, you can take note of the tips and insights on how to get the most value for your jewelry when selling it to a jewelry buyer mentioned above. And when taken as a whole, it should enable you to enjoy the best price for your beloved jewelry pieces.