How to clean gold plated jewelry

Tips and techniques to clean a gold plated jewelry

Gold plating is a process where a coating of gold gets furnished on the surface of another metal. Gold jewelry is usually very costly and not affordable by many people. Gold plated jewelry is a good alternative for it. The designers can also create various new and intricate designs on silver and brass to make beautiful iced out jewelry. The jewelry is for people who don’t want a hole in their pockets by buying costly gold. They can choose a large number of jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings within their budget. The only problem with gold plated jewelry is they lose their luster after using it a few times. A person should know how to clean gold plated jewelry to make it last longer.

Effective ways to clean gold plated jewelry: –

  • Cleaning with microfiber cloth: 

The best method to make gold plated jewelry is by wiping them with a soft microfiber cloth. The jewelry should be cleaned after every use. A person can also use cotton to clean the posts of earrings, a chain of bracelets or necklace and pendant. Soft cloth and cotton balls don’t scratch the gold layer of the jewelry. 

  • Cleaning with soap and warm water:

This procedure is for jewelry that needs a deep cleaning. Harsh jewelry cleaning methods make scratches on jewelry which cannot be used for a long period. The person can soak the vvs tennis jewelry in a solution of warm water and mild soap. In this method, the deep dirt and debris slowing come out from the jewelry. Then the jewelry can be dried with a clean cloth to restore its shine. Antibacterial soap shouldn’t be used as it contains chemicals that can destroy the gold plating.

  • Using vinegar: 

Vinegar is a very nice cleaning agent for gold plated jewelry. The jewelry gets soaked in the liquid for 10 to 15 minutes. It will clean heavy impurities and dirt within minutes without affecting the plating. It gets cleaned with normal water and left to dry. There shouldn’t be any use of brush otherwise it would agitate the jewelry.

  • Cleaning with alcohol: 

Gold plated jewelry is usually safe to clean with alcohol. Gold and silver are usually alcohol safe metals and can be cleaned with alcohol. The person can use 91% isopropyl alcohol to clean the jewelry. The jewelry can be placed in the solution for a day and after that, it can be removed from the solution and set to dry. One should not use any harsh brush that can take away the gold layer from the jewelry.

Important tips to make gold plated jewelry last: –

  • The skin should be free from make-up, oil, and lotions while wearing jewelry.
  • Make-up, perfume or hairspray should be used sometime before wearing the jewelry. 
  • So that they would be settled on the skin and not stick to the jewelry and not make it dirty.
  • The jewelry shouldn’t be worn while swimming in chlorinated water. It will damage the gold layer from it.
  • One shouldn’t wear it while exercising because sweat makes the jewelry layer lose its gold plating and making it look dull and brittle.
  • The gold plated and silver jewelry should be stored in separate boxes otherwise they might get scratched and the jewelry will lose its appeal.

Fashion jewelry is mostly gold plated to meet the desires of the customer to make them look beautiful. Cleaning the gold jewelry from time to time is important but it is more important to take proper care of it to make them last for a longer period. They are very delicate material once destroyed cannot be restored.


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