Gifts Ideas to create gift baskets for a Newborn Baby

Gifts Ideas to create gift baskets for a Newborn Baby

A newborn baby is like a blessing for the parents and family. The people who visit the family to see the newborn baby for the first time bring gifts for the baby. Some relatives also offer gifts to the family of a newborn baby.

Most people know about the gifts for a baby, but some always get confused while buying gifts from a store. Sometimes it is also challenging to find all the gifts in a store that you want to present to the family of a baby. This post shares the best gifts ideas to create gift baskets for a newborn baby.

Baby clothes

Gifting clothes to a newborn baby is one of the best ideas for those who don’t want to work collecting various items from different stores. Visit a baby clothing store and ask the salesman to show you the clothes for a newborn. Buy four to five sets of clothes for the baby and pack them in a gift basket. Make sure you buy different colours of clothes that look beautiful and attractive.

Baby Bath

There are many items in the stores that are used for bathing a baby. It’s good to buy a baby bathing kit if you find one quickly, otherwise, you can purchase the items and pack them together to create a gift basket. You need to buy baby shampoo, baby cream, baby oil, towel, soap and a soft brush. When you visit a baby store and ask them, the sales guys will guide you to buy such items. You can choose any brand that makes bathing products for babies.

Draping sheets

Babies create a lot of mess on their bed. Parents need baby sheets and swaddling clothes to support the baby. They come with caps to cover the head as the newborn baby needs warmth all the time. Draping sheets and swaddling clothes are available in all the baby stores. You can buy four sets of both and pack them in a box or basket to present it to the parents of the baby.

Toys for baby

Although the newborns don’t play with toys, you can buy some rattlers that its parent can use to gain the attention of the baby. There are a variety of rattlers and musical toys that are useful to show and play with the baby. Newborns older than a month respond to the colours and sounds. Buy a set of colourful musical toys that parents can use to play with the baby.

Baby gift hampers

This is the idea for lazy people who don’t want to buy different items for the newborn. Visit an online store and search for the baby gift hampers to see the available packages. You can order online or visit a physical store to buy the readymade gift hampers for the newborn.

Diapers and Wipes

If you want to buy some items readily available in the market, you can buy a set of diapers and wipes for the newborn. Diapers are available in a variety of sizes. So make sure you purchase the ones for the newborn babies. It is best to buy a combo pack of diapers and wipes. You might also get some other items in the combo pack that too at a discount.

Grooming Kit

This is another gift idea for newborn babies. You can buy a baby grooming kit for the infant. The kits contain the baby oil, baby cream, powder, brush, comb, etc. the baby grooming kits are readily available online as well as in the offline stores.

Baby room décor items

If you want to present a unique gift hamper to the family of the newborn, you can buy the items for the decoration of the baby room. Many items can help to decorate the room of a baby like wall stickers, picture frames, hanging lights, handing toys, rugs, carpets etc. These items are not available everywhere, and you might need to do some research to find these items.

DIY gifts

If you have some spare time and love to make DIY items you can make some things like caps, sweaters, socks, shoes, toys, etc. However, most of these items are useful for the winter season. If it is summer time, you can create toys and other things. However, the DIY items are good for only those people that can spare some time from their routine to make the gifts for the baby.

Final Words  : These are some baby gift hamper ideas that you can use to buy the gift for a newborn. Don’t forget to put a card in the basket wishing the parents of the newborn with your best wishes and blessings for the baby. Make sure the products you buy are made especially for the newborn babies and not for one year old babies.


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