10 Handbag Essentials Every Woman Must Have

Handbag Essentials Every Woman Must Have

Women carry the entire world in their purses. It’s unbelievable how much stuff you can dig out of a woman’s purse when you open it up. Safety pins, lip balms, bills, receipts, and many such items tumble out of a woman’s bag. It becomes hard to find essential items in the purse when you need them the most. So, it is good to cut down on the clutter and pack only the essentials. In this article, we have compiled a list of some essentials that would suit a working woman or a carefree teenager. Pack these items in your bag before leaving the house.

Hand Sanitizer

Considering the current COVID situation in the world, you have to be cautious while stepping out of the house. Keeping a hand sanitizer has become a necessity. You might be traveling in public transport or visiting a restaurant or meeting people daily. Using a hand sanitizer periodically will keep the germs and the virus away from you.

Pepper Spray

This is a must-have item for women from all strata of society. A lot of unfortunate events happen with women across the world. Thus, carrying a can of pepper spray for self defense is mandatory. Having a pepper spray with you will shield you from any threat and keep you safe.

Small makeup bag

A major thing that every woman should have in her bag is a makeup bag. You can keep products like mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, perfume, etc. in this makeup bag. These products will do the trick for wherever you are going. Who knows you might have to rush for an urgent client meeting in the day?

Sanitary Napkins/Pads

Another essential item that you should always carry is a sanitary pad or a tampon. These would be helpful in an emergency, cos you never know when your periods will come knocking. These might also come in use if some other women might need it urgently.

Lip balm

You probably know why you should carry a lip balm in your bag. If you have dry chapped lips, applying lip balm ensures that your lips are hydrated throughout the day. The healing also becomes faster by application of a lip balm. The lips turn plump and you can maintain a supple look.

Mouth freshener

Bad breath is a major put off. If you eat some spicy food items or are fasting, your breath can smell really bad. Keep a pack of gum, tic tac, or any other mouth freshener that will make the bad breath go away. You wouldn’t want your friends to guess the food item you have just had and embarrass yourself.

Face tissues

Face tissues are made of soft, absorbent, and disposable papers that can be used to wipe the face. The outside environment has a lot of dust and irritants that can spoil your skin. Using a face tissue will not only wipe out the dust from your face but also make you feel fresh.


A bruise, cut, or a shoe bite can happen anytime. In such minor cases, you can use a band-aid to cover up the open wound to protect it from dust and water. Band-aids have healing medicine and enhance the remedial process. You can share it with others as well if they need to cover up minor injuries.

Food for munching

Even if you have had a heavy breakfast in the morning, you might feel hungry during the day. Keep some healthy food items like nuts, dark chocolates, etc. to munch as and when you feel hungry. You can also keep biodegradable coffee pods to enjoy your favorite coffee when you are outdoors.


There isn’t a need to mention it, but the list of essentials isn’t complete without a wallet. Pick any size of wallet that you would want. Just ensure that it can carry your money and cards for shopping. With your credit card in your wallet, you can use it to pay for unforeseen expenses that you might come across in the day.

It is difficult to predict what you would need in your purse every day as life is unpredictable. However, these are some of the essential items that will help you in any situation that might arise. Share your list of essentials with us in the comments section below.


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