How an IVF process can help

These days; there are many people who are taking help from the IVF methods because family planning for them is not easy. But who are the people who can go for IVF and how the process is done; is still not clear to a lot of people. So, getting more knowledge about IVF is very important.

As per the medical studies, due to a lot of reasons, infertility has become a very common thing these days. In fact, research says that it is mostly one couple in every 6 couples and the problem sometimes lies with a woman’s body and sometimes lies with a man’s body. At few times, infertility becomes an issue because the problem lies with both. There are many couples these days who face infertility and as a result, they turn to IVF treatments which can help them to conceive a baby. There are also many people who are fertile but still they need IVF because most of them can be same sex couples and some may be a single man or some may carry a few genetic diseases.

There are many centres in Delhi that offer the cheapest IVF treatment in India and here one can go for help when they face any kind of fertility issues. In case of IVF or In vitro fertilisation the eggs are removed first from the woman’s ovaries and then they are kept to be fertilised outside the body only to be replaced again inside the womb. It is actually a very lengthy process and this is because the woman’s body can be typically stimulated and that is needed so that the eggs can be selected. In order to do this, the woman’s body need to take certain medications and they also need to undergo a lot of health checkups and scans before the collection of eggs are done. The process starts with the collection of eggs and it mainly takes around an hour. Once it is done, the patient can come back again to the centre or the clinic for the embryo to be transferred again and for the pregnancy blood test as well. This entire process actually needs at least 5 to 6 weeks.

There are actually varieties of IVF treatments available in the medical field but most people try to follow the conventional ones. The natural process of IVF is the least intensive and they hardly use any kind of simulative drug in a woman’s body. The major advantage in this type of treatment is that they can be easily carried on within one cycle and that is why; it never hinders the regular menstrual cycle. If it is necessary, then an egg donation or sperm donation cycle can also be calculated.

The average cost of IVF in India can be different because it can include the cost of health scans, egg collection, embryology and also of embryo transfer. The treatment process also includes things like medication, blood tests and other technical costs as well. Most people above the age of 45 can go for this.


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