This Is How to Start a Coffee Business the Right Way

This Is How to Start a Coffee Business the Right Way

Two out of three American adults drink coffee daily. With over 400 million cups of coffee drank in this country alone, there’s good reason to think the coffee business isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So how do you break-in? What’s the trick to creating a successful coffee company? In this article, we’ll help you make the jump from consumer to entrepreneur.

Here’s how to start a coffee business.

Differentiate Yourself In the Market

It’s crucial to ask yourself this question before you start a coffee company. What sets you and your product apart? You don’t have to know the answer right away, sometimes it takes time to reveal what makes your product stand out amongst the rest.

But consider a few other notable companies that created a well-distributed product and defined themselves even in that niche. Tesla electric cars have a premium feel for an affordable price, all while running off of electricity instead of gasoline.

TOMS® shoes didn’t remake the wheel. They’re comfortable shoes that guarantee a pair goes to someone in a third world country that can’t afford them.

Famous Amos cookies are just really good cookies. If you’ve got an unbeatable product, congrats!

Just ensure you take the time to know what it is that will make your product stand out in the espresso business. Then get going. Also you can read here more details on  coffee industry.

Online Versus In-Person

Say you like to grind your beans yourself. Maybe you’ve made a few particularly tasty blends that tick all your boxes. Your friends agree they want to start drinking your coffee regularly.

In 2018 Reuters did a survey that said that nearly 80% of coffee drinkers had coffee at home. And with a global pandemic ongoing, it seems like opening a coffee shop could pose a risky venture for someone dipping their toes into the market.

Your best bet is to start selling your coffee online. In fact, selling coffee from home is how most start-up coffee ventures begin. After establishing a brand is when most brands get into established cafes and restaurants.

The Tools You’ll Need

Here’s what you’ll need to get going.

First, a supplier. You need someone who can deliver you coffee beans on a regular basis. Do research both from a cost and quality perspective. If the beans are bad when you get them, no customer is going to want them.

Next, get a coffee grinder and an espresso maker. Here’s the best Breville espresso machine review. The fun part will be testing out your blends as straight espresso and as more traditional Americano styles.

After you’ve made a blend or two you enjoy, you’ll need packaging. It can be as easy as using a paper bag with a sticker on it, to something more articulate and vacuum-sealed.

Once you have a product made up, you need to sell it. If you’re working online, you’ll need a website, some marketing tools, and some gusto.

Send out samples to friends, offer them to local cafes and restaurants, and find that sweet spot for price, message, and flavor that makes your coffee ever so appealing.

That’s How to Start a Coffee Business

Now you know the essentials for how to start a coffee business. There’s a lot of wiggle room in there for you to express yourself. Get creative with your branding, try new and wild coffee flavors, and most importantly have fun.

If you work at it enough and have a winning product, you’ll find success.

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