Make Your Home a Better Place: Best Plants You Can Grow At Your Garden

Make Your Home a Better Place Best Plants You Can Grow At Your Garden

Plants give your house that extra spice that holds the whole place together. It’s also good for your health. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide; because plants do this, the air around them is fresh, eliminating harmful toxins.

Additionally, plants can help lessen stress, improve concentration and productivity, and they can also boost your mood. All these advantages of just owning a plant make them perfect for your home and your workplace. If you aren’t into nature before, just hearing the perks might get you interested. If your curiosity is enticed, here are some of the best plants that you can grow at home:


On a historical scale, Marigolds originated in the country Mexico. Admittedly, Marigolds are known for their beauty and ability to aesthetically conquer any room and bring light to people’s moods. Only a few are aware of the numerous advantages these flowers bring. Here are some of the benefits that Marigolds bring you:

It attracts beneficial insects.

Ladybugs, bees, parasitic wasps, hoverflies are beneficial insects that protect your plants from aphids and other harmful pests. These beneficial insects are attracted to flowers, especially Marigolds. The blooms, single-boom cultivars, in particular, draw bees which is an important pollinator.

Adds a variety to your landscape

Most plants nowadays are green, because of Marigold’s color that ranges from yellow to orange-red, it can spice up your landscape. There are also many available sunny shades of this flower, like yellow, orange, red, mahogany, or combinations. The flowers you place in your garden can be single or double; their sizes range from 6 inches to 3 feet.

Easy Maintenance

Taking care of these plants is hassle-free. These hardy plants can tolerate drought, sun, heat, and nearly any well-drained soil. Additionally, they are easy to move from one place to another. Find out more on Gardener’s Path website to learn more.

Snake Plant

This plant may have the word snake in it, but the explanation is simple and doesn’t relate to an actual snake. Don’t worry; it doesn’t attract snakes. It gets its name from its thin and upright leaves with “irregular green banding” that looks like a snake’s skin.

It is perfect for any environment as the snake plant is a low-maintenance plant. Additionally, it is known for surviving almost any environment, including droughts. It can also survive bright or low lights, although it prefers bright lights.

Snake plants can even filter out harmful chemicals. For example, chemicals like benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and toluene can cause those around you to feel stuffy. It can cause allergies, nausea, difficulty sleeping, etc., if the exposure is prolonged. Indeed, snake plants can help clean the air.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa can catch the eyes of everyone because of its unique shape. As a consequence, these plants are easily the plant you see the most on Instagram. When taking care of these plants, it’s said that once you plant them and take care of them, it quickly grows. During warmer seasons, you’d be excited when these plants gain another leaf as it does weekly.

This plant only has to be watered every one to two weeks. You have to let the water dry out between the waterings. When placing the plant, you can opt to put it in place with bright to medium indirect light. The good thing about Monstera Deliciosa is you can set it indoors, and it does not have to be light coming from the sun.

You may quickly propagate these plants. Propagating is splitting off a leaf with a node and then planting them again or giving them to a friend to do the same. When you want to use the plants in your home as a small business, you can start by doing that.


Pothos are sometimes called the ‘cubicle plant.’ It is admittedly one of the easiest to grow, and it can thrive in a low-light environment. Suppose you’re the type of person who doesn’t want a considerable responsibility when taking care of plants. In that case, Photos is the plant for you.

Just like the plants mentioned above, this plant can purify the air around you. It can keep benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and odors away from your home. Another health benefit of Photos is it can alleviate eye irritation caused by staring at the screen for an extended period.


If you’re a busy person, always on-the-go, and have a full-time job but want to take care of plants, then a Dracaena plant is perfect for you. You can easily take the Dracaena plant care of as it can adapt to different light environments. Although, make sure that this plant does not get direct sunlight.

It’s considered one of the hardiest plants to deal with indoor temperature and handle season change. Additionally, the Dracaena Plant can also purify the air in your home.


Admittedly, plants give you more good than harm. The five plants above are sure to provide you the best experience. Spice up your home by adding flowers and plants and keep you and your family healthy as well.


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