What Tips To Follow For A Perfect Shade-Tolerant Lawn?

What Tips To Follow For A Perfect Shade-Tolerant Lawn?

When it comes to landscaping the lawn there are certain issues that you can face. The most common in all kinds of lawns is that there are multiple areas that are covered with the tree or less sunlight reaches the grass. This further creates problems for the lawn and especially the grass.

Tips For A Perfect Shade-Tolerant Lawn

But there are certain ways by which you can eliminate the problems in the shady lawn. The issue of the damaged grass can be fixed by the shade-tolerant variety of Georgia Sod Grass. But there are other things can be done to create a perfect lawn.

Make Thorough Assessment Of The Lawn

When you are assessing the lawn for different aspects; there are specific attributes that you have to think and note down. In each lawn there are different areas where shades are diversified. You have to note the different intensities of the shade; so that plants and sod grass can be selected likewise.

Decide Which Sod In Atlanta To Choose

After going through the area; you have to check which kinds of Georgia sod grasshave to be installed. The varieties of the grass range from mild to high tolerance to shade. The areas where there are trees and sunlight doesn’t come much are the shadiest areas.

Measurement Of The Area Is Important

The measurement of the area can be done in two ways; either you can do it yourself by the tape measures or hire installation experts who can do all of the procedure from A to Z themselves.

Make Preparations for the Ground

The companies from where you will receive the sod grass-like Atlanta Sod Farms have expert teams who will fully install the grass on their own. Amongst their duties is a job of preparing the ground on which the sod is going to be laid.

Installation Of The Georgia Sod Grass First

As soon as you receive the sod grass; it is most important that you install it within 24 hours or it will wither away. The sod must be the first thing that has to be placed because it takes time for the roots to grip firmly.

Plantation The Shade-Tolerant Plants

Next, when you have made sure that the Zoysia grass for shade is perfectly laid down; now it is the right time to put in the different plants and shrubs. You will find a wide range of plats that will do great in less sunlight.


Which Sod Grass Is Best For The Shade?

There is very few grasses that are the best for the lawn that is the shade. It is most vital that you select the most appropriate one of all. You can either use anyone of the below-mentioned grass or even consider the option of combining two or more varieties.

St. Augustine Sod Grass

It is a type of hybrid sod grass. Do you why it is called hybrid? The reason for it is that not only it can withstand extreme heat but also can be best in the shade as well. It is considered the best grass for the shady areas.

Tall Fescue Grass

This is another sod grass that is perfect for the shades and under the trees. This is a cool-weather grass. If it is damaged then it can heal on their own.

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia is the sod grass that is versatile as it can resist weed ad pests. It is a good choice for low light areas.

Bermuda Sod Grass

This is the most popular sod grass that is used in grounds in various universities,sports field and playgrounds.

Zeon Zoysia Grass

Although this Georgia Sod is for warm-season areas it can also be good for the shade areas. You have to be wise in your choice of sod grass and plants for the shade-tolerant lawn.


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