How to Change Fostering Agencies

How to Change Fostering Agencies

Deciding you want to change fostering agencies may feel daunting, but this process is often easier than you might think. It is hard to go back once you have made up your mind, and it is important that you have the right support in place to fulfil your obligations. Therefore, moving forward is the only option, and here’s what you need to know. 

Think About Your Reasons

Switching agencies is not a random decision. There will always be contributory factors that have led you to consider this as your only option. These reasons ought to be recorded in an official format so that any conversation from this point forward is centred around the core thought path. Typical factors that lead foster carers to want to move on include:

  • Lack of support
  • Not feeling valued
  • Not being listened to
  • Lack of professional development opportunities
  • Poor quality training
  • Clash of professional opinion
  • Safeguarding concerns
  • Financial concerns

Select a New Agency

Once you have your reasons firmly in place, it is time to think about where you will make the move. There are hundreds of options when you want to transfer fostering agencies, and the choice is a pivotal one, to say the least. It is essential that you opt for the best service for your current situation. The last thing you need is to feel as though you need to move again after a short time period because you are experiencing similar problems with a new provider. Arrange some meetings with a few choices and talk through why you are making the change and what they can offer you in terms of specific support that will address these concerns. 

Think About Non-Negotiable Factors

The biggest thing to consider is what factors are non-negotiable for you as you move forward. These can be anything from increased respite care to better, more consistent training options. The choices you make for yourself here are pivotal. These are the deciding factors that will help you reshape your professional calling in a way that works for you and your household. Make sure, above all else, that any prospective agency respects your wishes and can match your requirements in the best possible way. 

Write Up the Official Intent to Resign

Foster carers who choose to move on somewhere new must inform their old agency of the intended change once they’re ready to apply. This is for all foster parents regardless of whether you have a child already in your home or not. If you have a child in placement, there has to be a meeting between the two agencies and the child’s local authority in order to sufficiently provide support for the transfer. The new agency needs all of the information about the child in your home so that they can ensure they will be able to continue to meet their needs. 

Changing fostering agencies may feel like a daunting process, but the truth is, once the ball is rolling, it is fairly straightforward. There are so many reasons why you may need to make a change, and each one is valid. 


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